Imagine you're flying through space. You see stars and all the galaxies passing you... suddenly you're at the edge of space. There is nothing there but a white emptiness, then you see a shape! It's a cube floating in front of you. On that cube is a person: someone you have a relationship with, your Mom or Dad, or a friend. You fly in close to them and they open their eyes and light pours out and you feel that you know everything!Go through this in your mind. It's a memory device to teach you the basic categories of drawing:!. Space- in drawing we define space for our viewer.2. Edges- around any object there is a place where the object turns from your sight and creates an edge.3. Shapes- each thing that we draw has its own shape.4. Relationships- every object has a relationship to the others in the drawing, its size, placement, and perspective have to do with its relationship to the viewer.5. Light- all forms are delineated by light; the main source lights and their reflections give depth to the drawing.Now you have an easy way to remember the basics to study as you learn to draw... all drawing will take in these ideas and as we learn and as we strengthen our skill and knowledge of them we will be better at expressing our creations in our drawings.Have fun and remember the first flight you take in drawing in space!!!

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  • This is a good way to take a fresh approach at drawing. Thanks. I have been drawing as a profession since the late 1980s and usually I just go into autopilot. But it is good to think differently about it.
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