Away with that horrible rough smeary carbon based drawing equipment! It's all colored pencils and crayon, erm, China Markers for me! Here some new concepts for ya to prove their superiority...well hopefully some other pros can bring up better artwork to back up my (advanced 2d animation teacher's) beliefs...


(You'll need to rmb on "view image" in firefox to get Keer looking better than the drawing does now)I almost lost a ton of artwork that was done in dark graphite pencil but I managed to recover the essential parts (still had to guess what I had orgionally drawn though) with a technical liner but it really got me upset so I'm discontinuing it's use until I have enough open space to use fixatif!

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  • I am intensely confused by this thread... Each media has its pros and cons, I attempt to employ the media to the situation of its use, based on my ability with the tool or tools and the result that I desire.
    • Sorry bout that...I guess I'm just stick on one or two very obscure situtations....
  • Give Me my Graphite!
  • i can use pens, sometimes. but it ends up looking like your meerkat, very sketchy stuff. because it can not be cleaned up!i likes the pencils, as long as the point is very small. yay mechanicals!
    • Personly, I do well with a simple pen, but perhaps through years of practice... now spelling, that's adiffernet story.
  • Isn't the point you just draw what you draw with whatever works?
    I'm the kind of person for whom editing is an obsession.
    China marker and colored pencil are basically a bane to my existence.
    • Sorry...I should've mentioned what I use them for...the china markers are for Life drawing and sketches where I'm not supposed to erase technically, and the primsacolor col-erase pencils are for....evrerything else...I do use charchol or conte for life drawing once in a while but for the most part I can't see a reason to use anything else, 'cept colored technical pencils...though those are still lead based...with an electric eraser (those things could wipe away oil pastels!), sketching, animating, and pencilling in general couldn't get easier!
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