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Hey everyone. I have been using photoshop for about 12 years now and while I love the program I am also wanting to learn Painter.I have the program and am looking for some good books or tutorials online so I can see how to use it. I have version 8 by the way. I have a trial version of Painter X but that will expire soon.So if any of you guys and gals can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. thanks, Lance

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  • Hey Strad,

    Yeah, I have been a fan of ImagineFX since the premier issue, lots of good stuff there. I will check out the online mag. You know whats funny to me, I am hearing a lot of people talk about using tablets on some of the comic web sites, its funny to me because they have been around so long, I figured anyone doing graphics work in PShop was using one. Guess not, I have had one for over 10 years and I couldnt live without it for some work. I still have a mouse to and bounce back and forth. I actually have a new mouse, an Ergo Mouse, its sits upright and you hold it like a gun, it take a lot of the stress off your arms for those of us who have repetitive stress disorder, its been a huge blessing. Thanks for the links.
    • You should look for Don Seegmiller "Digital character design and painting" the painter edition. it cost bout $50 nifties..but its worth more than it can probably find it cheaper on amazon.
  • (they have a magazine that's about 15 bucks to import from the British Empire). This also includes a nice disk with tutorials and the like, though pertains to various programs. I have seen quite a lot of Painter in it though.

    Check out 2Dart as well
    This is a download magazine for about 4 dollars. Excellent content most of the time from artists all over the place. Also includes tutorials (doing one on Elements right now.)

    I'd like to learn Painter as well, as I've been practicing a lot with my tablet. Sometimes still feel like using a mouse though. Hard to make that jump at times.
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