The probelem with digital painting is that I can't figure out what brush to use for my project...I think I found a common Photoshop brush I think I've seen in some of the professional's sketch blogs...I think that's why Corel and a whole lot of paint software is better than photoshop since brushes are more customizable and easier to make even. But since they don't teach Painter here (yet still have it available) I want to ask any of you what sorta brushes should I use to get a greasy-wet shiny fur effect for my otter here? (Photoshop Files Available)




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  • I create my own custom hair brushes. I used it to paint the fur on my picture at

    The method is similar to the one described here: under the "Making the Brush" section.

    Try fiddling around with the different options to get the type of effect you want. If you have trouble, just drop me a msg.
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  • Corel and photoshop have too many brushes to choose from. If you don't know what your doing ( like me ) you'll probably not use any.

    As for which brush to use? First lay down your flats. Then on another layer lay down a lighter tone over a smaller area to indicate a light source. THen on another layer, experiment with brushes for the highlites. If all else fails you can always use the blur option. Or BURN. Or SMUDGE.

    I have Corel X but have not even had time to try it out. One of these days tho.
  • I take it back...that tutorial is terrible! It doesn't tell me what I doning or why and the end result is just as bad as something I would have come up with :P
    • I did and I really need to buy a book on how to get Google to like me. Usually the stuff I need has yet to be created or is too old to load up anymore..this was the best I could come up with: and I don't really understand what's goning on yet...but I really can't stand how someting as simple as 'painting animals photoshop tutorial' dosen't match directly at all [as yet]. It has to be made somewhere...usually searching for lessions takes longer than the actual (side) project I want to do which is why I give up easy over it...
      It's the stuff on or that I want to work like...hmm, maybe they'll let me know what brushes to use...
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