Humbly submitting an idea...

Not wanting to hijack anything here, but I was thinking that folks might be more willing to submit their drawings for some advice if we could have some fun with it - like a subject of the week/month. For example, maybe the subject would be "The Armor of God." Then, people would submit their interpretation of that subject in drawing form (be it realistic or cartoonish or whatever). After the piece is submitted, anyone can offer advice and words of encouragement on that work. By having the different subjects, it will push others to draw things they might not be used to drawing. Just a thought.

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  • The reason I suggested this was because just submitting something you've done on your own, by yourself, can be daunting. I figured if there was a theme, it could give people a little guidance and confidence knowing that everyone was kinda doing the same thing. It wouldn't just be them putting themselves out there, alone. In college, when we did art critiquing, it was always easier if there were a group of artists recieving comments at the same time about the same assignment. Just a thought.
  • That sounds like a Concept art Club more than my broader idea of mentoring...We have one at our school actually...the last theme was on "The Gates of Hell" but the club is still pretty too advanced for me to fell confident in participating in it...but organizing topics does sound like a good idea...Like one month were focusing on pencil drawing techniques and the next we delve into the pacing of a composition through it's design and use's a fancier word for text bubbles?
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