Who is our audience?

The questions we must ask ourselves is, "Who is our audience?" and "Why should they buy our product?" Whatever you might think about the controversial Jack Chick and the Chick Tracts, the man knew his audience. He produced a product that probably only Christians would buy and they distribute his product around the world. Once we determine our audience, "Why should they buy our product?" Because the Chick tracts are evangelistic, for the most part, the Christian audience buys them to help spread the gospel of Christ. And he's been doing it for over thirty years. It requires us to realistically look at our product and ask those two simple questions. Unless you say, "The Lord told me to do it." then who are we to argue with God?

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  • I’ve never been one for Chick Tracks but your right when you say a Christian comic that’s what you think of. Every one who’s on this page needs to think about this very deeply. As I see there are three audiences out there for Christian comics. There are the churches the body of Christ, who wants to go out and give the good word like the chick tracks. Then there’s room for Apologetic style comic books, think Graphic novels aimed at college students, books like black cherry and Archangels. Books that don’t always mine there P’s And Q’s but have something to say about Christianity and or life. The third Group is books for kids there’s room for Bible man or characters like a spider-man whose job is to live out problems for a younger audiences. Spider-man might not be a Christian but a lot of Christians can learn what it is to make the hard chooses of life throw his stories. If you haven’t put a lot of thought into you Christian comic book then just go make a comic book. The body of Christ dues not need a well drawn comic if there’s no holy spirit in the book.

    But that’s just my thoughts.
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