Zelda, Origins of Christianity?!?

You know, pretty much, my favorite game to play is zelda. Its start of course within my childhood watching my bro, beating up all those scary redeads in Ocarina of time and. I was soo scared  of those re-deads that I did not want to play that at all. Sometime I would play some roms on a really really old computer (the ones with a command prompt in it). I enjoyed it alot, obviously, but I remeber I can't defeat the ending.  Years later, because my bro sold the N64 and the old computer was gone. I didn't have the chance to play 3D zelda anymore.

Some years ago, During summer time and way before the wii came out, I had to download it off the internet. I don't endorse it as much now, because Im much knowledgeble about piracy, but I did it. Oddly, I play Majora's mask first and I loved it. I love the themes of zelda. When next summer came around, I played Ocarnia of time. Bam, I was into the fandom. The sweet sernity of the composed music, the story and the though of the hero just took my breath away. And soon after Twilight princess came, I got it and yeat I beat it. My bro even ask me for help since I beat it first. Now Im waiting on Skyward sword, which I did manage to play the demo at comic con


So yea, to summe up, I love zelda. And so, one day I was curious enough to look at the zeldapedia articles. I just browse along, looking at pictures, clicking on the pictures to articles. Then suddenly I browse down and there was a pecular wording. Christian? It can't be. The only religions I remeber about zelda is the creation of hyrule which were the three goddess in Ocarnia of time. So then I swiftly click the article.


There it was. Zelda did have some implications of chrsitian before the ledgend of the three goddess were created. Its vague, but they had official artwork, and everything in the first of the series. What caught me is why it change? Of course, the guidelines for american Censorship, especially Nitendo of America.

I don't know about you, but I think I have a bit more appreciation about Zelda now after reading this. Ive kind of always wanted a good game, and Zelda is pretty inspirational source for us group of artists maybe. And that Im tired of american's censorship on religion.

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  • Hey gamers, you might like this comic some did. Its zelda related:

  • This is a pretty interesting book that explores Christianity within the scope of the Legend of Zelda.

    The Legend of Zelda and Theology by Johnathan L. Walls.

    He sums up that the Zelda franchise was created in Japan, and probably had very little actual Christian origins other than some symbols (you'll find that Anime often misuses and abuses the Christian symbols in their stories all of the time). Nonetheless, many of the games in the series have very strong parallels and themes that Christians can appreciate and learn from.

    It also defends fantasy as a genre and how it can be useful for spreading the gospel through entertainment and strong stories. This book is written with this point of view.

    I highly recommend it. :)

  • Oh, here is more. There was a book that was supposedly funded to prove this.

    Sadly the backers failed to help. I wish they would help out more.

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