Discussing the very real possibility of a convention devoted to Christian fans and pros who enjoy comics, science fiction, fantasy, gaming, costuming, steam punk and everything geeky.

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  • XN-CON intends to host an annual convention that celebrates, provides a forum and community for these creative genres in its various forms to present to the public comic art, writing and multi-media not normally accessible or presented through existing commercial channels.
    But it’s just easier to think of it like a Comic-Con, only Cleaner!

    XN-CON is committed to encouraging the vast talent and creativity within a square and square-friendly environment for those passionate about sharing their respective talents with YOU — the Fans — New and not-so-new to the work found at this convention.

    XN-CON (or GOLGOTHA-FEST) asks your prayers that initial attendance at the celebration reach about 500 and that, within three years, attendance may grow to nearly 3,000 — so that XN-CON may be among the preeminent celebrations of XN geekdom and pop-culture.

  • Forgive my ignorance - but I'm trying to clarify the focus / purpose of such an event - is it (A). a celebration BY "believing geeks" of secular geekdom, which MAY include "christian" flavors, or (B).  a celebration OF secular geekdom, which MAY include "christian" flavors, by "believing geeks" primarily...?  (A) is church summer camp, with very specific rules, usually reflecting only one "flavor" or doctrinal standards/dogmas, which strictly limits outside involvement and the sharing of "views" outside accepted "norms" -- (B) is "organizational" camp (YMCA, etc) where general rules are posted, but cliques are formed and dividing lines established... more freedom, but much less focus - and WHO sets those guidelines?  ARE Vertigo titles banned?  Spawn?  Angel / Buffy?  Any SF series which accepts Evolution?  Really NOT trying to kick up the dust, but my experience in trying to bring believers together is haphazard, at best - I don't have the kind of success the west coast contingent has continuously shown, and would really like to see that carried into this type of event... As I have just accepted a position as Vendor Liaison with a brand new SF / Geek Convention (Chi-Fi - for the end of march 2014, I am eager to learn these things and apply them, along with the other, hard-learned lessons to this event, and, as desired, others....

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  • Would love to attend such a show, but doubtful I would be able to since I live on the wrong coast. I agree with Billy that it should be on the West Coast since the concentration of Christian Comic book fans are there, and you would probably find much more support from (a wide) area of churches in getting the word out of the convention's existence.

  • Perhaps the organizers of the Heroes Con in North Carolina, the Sheldon and Cynthia Drumm would be a good model. They let the exhibitors know their's would be a family friendly convention so the "explicit" material didn't have a place there and they enforced the rules.

  • The Comic Con person who was at the Bent Con said we should have a certain standard as to adult and graphic material, but be open to vendors and artists who sell collectibles, t-shirts, prints, etc.  I think it should be open to dealers.  We want to have it open to Christian film producers.  Wouldn't it be a dream to have one of the producers of the film, Noah there to interact with the fans? That seems to be how you grow a con.  Any material that is adult or too graphic, should be explained in the exhibitor application. The Bent Con didn't have collectibles, but did have t-shirts, jewelry, prints, and novels.   

  • Ralph brings up a really good do we entice non-Christians to attend this event? Will there be tables sold to comic book dealers so people can browse and buy collectible comics, t-shirts, posters and all kinds of secular products...then have exclusive tables for Christian based comics and organizations? I'm just trying to map out what will the con offer to both fans and artists/sellers.
  • A Christian brother has been trying to organize a Christian Con on the east coast for both 2012 and 2013.  Those plans have been postponed until the summer of 2015.  I do not know any other details.  We are looking at just a one day event for the 1st one.  That would be on a Saturday.  The prices for local city civic centers range from $1200 to $2700 for the day.  Each additional room rented is an additional cost.

    I will also look into local schools such as Biola, Azusa Pacific, and Chapman University.  I will also look into church venues.  The question raised about a church venue is that would fans who are not Christians come to a church venue?   

  • John, several Christian Comics notables (not Ralph or myself) have discussed and researched the possibility of having a similar convention on the East Coast (Florida). This "event" has been postponed at least for some time.  If Ralph wants to elaborate on this further he can. 

    The Convention we are considering would be initially a one day event and in succeeding years it could expand to a weekend Con. Southern Calif. is a logical location for the reason you mention. A high number of Christian fan types both for Con staff and attendees.  

  • We may want to research the Echo Conference that they have in Dallas each year. This is on a much bigger scale but it may be a goal we try attain on the west coast. Check it at
    Echo Hub | A site for church communicators, storytellers, designers, and video producers
  • Given all the amazing things which have happened since the founding of Christian comics fandom, I would not be surprised at all if this eventuates. As Ralph points out, it will require a lot of work and prayer. I wish I could be there when it finally dawns, but given that it will probably occur on the West Coast, where the greatest concentration of members seems to be, I'll have to give my support from afar.

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Convention Theme Song

Erik Pineda said my new song sounds like a theme song for a Christian superhero. You guys should use it (or the longer original version) for the convention somehow. I think it fits really well. Or you can just rock out to it while you're drawing. Either way, enjoy!

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Vision, Motivation, Mission Statement, and more.

Edited after reading Don's Comment:Okay, I guess we know what we're doing….but that still leaves some things up for discussion. =)How We Are Going to Do ItWhy We Are Doing ItWhat Do We Want to Get Out of ThisHow Do We Want This To Impact OthersWhat Do We Want This To Develop IntoWho Is Our Target Audience?How are we going to appeal to Our Target Audience?What are we trying to accomplish through all of this?What Are Useful Ideas/Connections/Resources I Can Offer?Who would be willing to…

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Edited in: THIS DISCUSSION IS CLOSED. PLEASE POST IDEA RESPONSES ON THE OTHER DISCUSSION!!!!Thank you. :)So...I don't know if anyone will post anything here, but anyway...what is it that you personally want to see at this Christian Comic Con thing? (i'm obviously not in charge or anything, so I can't make anything really happen, but we might as well put it all out there with hope they'll consider it/it'll work)

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