update and I might be dying

I am very sorry about the panic I was giving for my sister.

She still needs deliverance, but I feel like I have given up on her. I still love my sister, but I realized she needs action not prayer.

Its a looong story since last time I was here.

Now we have another problem. I might have abdominal cancer because I have had pain there for a month now and just today I diarrhea-ed blood and had cramps since last night. My mom is having heart attack right now. worse than me.

I am not feeling well at all. I had a good life though.

I always felt like I haven't done anything with my life and wanted to be known as someone who changed somebodies life other than my family. Well I already had a good life. I had hiccups here and there, but other than that it was perfect.

Prayers and good will anyway. If I am gone, my family will not be the same. I wanna live for them.

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  • Any updates on your health?

  • Brien has given you some sound advice. Go to the doctor and get examined.  I will be praying for you that our gracious Lord and Savior overflow you with His peace, comfort, healing, and strength. 

  • Praying......   

  • Brien Sparling is right, it might not be as bad as it seems.  If a doctor did x-rays and mri, then that's a different matter.  However, I'm sure Brien Sparling has been around the block on this, and said the likely scenario.

    I'll pray for you too.

  • We will pray for you and your family. 

    And remember, no matter where you are, you are always changing someones life. God will know how you changed someones life, and when.  It can be the littlest thing.

    Mr. Sparling's right, it might not be as serious as it seems. 

    Take care of yourself, be strong, and have faith in God. He is the healer of everything. 

  • Hi Hope, I know you are alarmed and rightfully so.

    1) I will pray for you; for healing and courage(1Tim1:7)

    2) You will go to the Doctor, and deal with what sounds like a bleeding Ulcer.

    Chances are very, very good that you will not die and fairly good that you can be treated with limited doctoring.  Lord bless you with courage.

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