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I've been reading Christian comics that I come across for many years now. For myself, Christian comics are not just comic books, they are the ministries of brothers and sisters in Christ. Over the years I've been honored to make the acquantance of a number of these talented creatives, which has been a big blessing in my life.

Today, I would like to recommend a Kickstarter to you. I do not do so lightly, I know times are tough in so many ways, including financially. But we are all here because we love comics. OtherRealm Studio is producing an ongoing series called "SoulBound". It's a gorgeously illustrated fantasy tale of a young girl plunged into the Other Realm, a place of wonder, mystery, and excitement. The author and co-artist Paula Richey is weaving a very intriguing story! Co-artist Mia Pearce's artwork is top notch, brilliant as always.

I have had the honor of commissioning art pieces from both artists, and, if the fact that "SoulBound" is a most excellent read isn't enough, both these creators are disciplined, extremely talented, and professional Christians of the best quality. Paula Richey has been on several popular YouTube comic related programs to talk about their work, and has been invited to more. The word is getting out about this book!

Why this matters is that for many years some have lamented that Christian comics aren't taken seriously. Even Christian creators sometimes call the scene 'Cheesy', referring to a lack of quality in art and/or writing. "SoulBound" isn't 'cheesy'. It's magnificent. Books like this one will go a long way to benefitting us all, both pros and fans (like me). They may mend the negative perception many have about Christian comic books in general. In doing so, it will open up opportunities for the many gifted Christian creators I see here and elsewhere on the internet by persuading readers to be more receptive. That is what I believe.

So I'd like to ask you to check out this Kickstarter link, read what the book is about and view the sample art, and decide for yourself. Whether you share the news, pledge to the project, or decide it's not for you, I thank you very much for your time:)


"SoulBound" Issue 2 Kickstarter Link

May the Lord bless you all, and may your own creative projects and fandom bear much fruit for His great Glory!

--- Gerry Lee

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  • Now you're making me cry <3 Thanks so much, Gerry - it means the world to me that you're reading my work and you believe in it like I do!
  • Hey Gerry!
    Thanks for this & may your creative projects & fandom also bear much fruit for His Glory too. GOD bless
    • Thank you Bert! Your encouragement and kindness mean a lot! God bless you too!
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