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Hello Everyone!This discussion is to drum up some interest and to see if anyone out there might have some ideas/comments.Anyone out there interested in helping create/build a christian comic company that goes against the grain? First off, let me state that I have nothing against the christian companies out there now. You guys keep up the great work and keep pushing! I just want to take an avenue that no one else seems to want to travel on. I am curious if anyone else out there in christian comic land is on the same page I am.I am looking to create something that can sit on a shelf in a regular comic store and attract someone who would never buy anything remotely christian. Think Image Comics back in 1992. They jumped ship and created something that was different and pushed the envelope for comics. I want to do that with the christian industry. I would love to have a handful of different titles/characters with excellent art, writing, etc. I want this to be different from everything out there. Not necessarily looking for comics based off scriptures and bible stories. Although, I do want that involved! I am looking for everyday events, personal struggles, things that normal people deal with, but layed out and depicted in a very unique way. To take those everyday things and relate them to christianity. Whether this calls for cartoon/fun storytelling or extreme/graphic/violent storytelling that is fine. I am not looking for sugar coating, I am looking put out there what is "real".For example, Mel Gibson portrayal of Christ in his film was fantastic. Yes, it was violent, graphic, and bloody, but it made an extreme impact and really delivered the message. This is what I am looking to do with this idea. No, I don't want all blood, etc. I just don't want to hold anything back. I just want to give the reader top notch art, great writing, and something that pushes them to want to keep reading. A deeper meaning, if you will.Obvisously, I realize a lot of christians will not agree with this style I am sure. But, that is fine. I am not really doing this for "christians". There is a massive market out there in comic land that is very anti-christian. Those are the people I need to reach.I was a musician in a christian band for about six years and had many christians/churches tell us were too "extreme", or not "contemporary" enough. But, we made an impact on many kids lives. Many that I still hear from today through emails, etc. We weren't trying to change the church/religion, we were trying to change the people who would never come to those establishments. Those are the people that need help. Many people forget that.So, if anyone out there is interested, please let me know! I look forward to hearing from you. And to everyone, keep up the great work! I am so glad I found this site. It has been an inspiration to find other christian comic enthusiasts out there! God Bless.

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  • Hint: Start small. Start focused. Big dreams are allowed - but it takes steps and time to get there.
  • well I am really interested. I got a story ready if you would like to read it, sorry I dont have more, but its really hard to get an artist for this one for some reason. It is inspired by the Testimony of Paul in a very unique way: "Can God make one of the worlds most Dangerious Criminals { a mass murdering physco path} into the Hero one city needs?" and one of its main bible verse is what helps get me through my deployments overseas it comes from Prov 31:8-9 {NLT version} " Speak up fpr those who cannot speak for themselves;ensure justice for those  being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless and see that they get justice."
  • Hey I totally agree with you, That's why I've created my own comic book/film company that I'm hoping to start as soon as I finish with Bible College!... It's called MCC Studios. I created it when I was about 11 years old when I first started drawing my own comics that I would show to my friends. But recently God told me that he was going to use the comapany I created as a child, and make it a global company. So I am really excited to get working on makin git into a official company soon! I have a ton of stories that I want to work on that people would say are non- traditional, but that's just because I like being original and not bound to a certain way of telling stories. My stories, especially the ones about the bible I plan on making them as true to the scriptures as possible while still making so that the average person will be able to understand the word of God! I also have a dream of making stories that make people think for themselves, and want to do research into whatever I'm writing about in my comics or showing in my movies. I have some very big dreams for this thing, but right now I'm in the research phase of my dream... I'm looking into the cost how to sel publish my material. I know one day as I continue to follow God's will for my life my company is going to be bigger then DC and MARVEL. Well that's my dream at least (^_^). 

  • I like your idea.

  • Can definitely relate to what you mentioned in the last paragraph about your band. I was preaching a sermon at a Christian High school once, that was " notorious" according to my pastor for being a " tough crowd". To make a long story short, I preached a sermon, given by the Lord, that was totally targeted to the youth. At the end of my sermon there was thunderous applause, I was greeted by student after student how much they loved it, and even to this day I still run into students who remember it! I recall the headmaster being a little " taken back" by my delivery, and unorthodox , unconventional approach, which he remarked on. He could find nothing wrong with my theology but didn't appreciate the delivery style. I simply replied, " that s alright. The message was for THEM, it wasn't for YOU.
  • That is an amazing quote! I actually read that book, "Time Quake" for an undergrad English course. I really enjoyed it.

    Martin Murtonen said:

    Buzz Dixon said:

    Martin Murtonen said:
    Isn't it?

    Truthfully, re-reading Robin Hood, he really wasn't a benevolent guy at all. However he may have had some justification if fighting corruption.

    but now, we're off topic.
    “In the slavering search for subversive literature on the shelves of our public schools, which will never stop, the two most subversive tales of all remain untouched, wholly unsuspected. One is the story of Robin Hood...Another, as disrespectful of established authority as the story of Robin Hood…is the life of Jesus Christ as described in the New Testament.” -- Kurt Vonnegut, Timequake

    WOW. THAT is a fantastic quote.
  • Thank you Harsh!


    Mr. Lawlis did Barb Wire? THE Barb Wire? I looked at all the covers Dan's done, and I think each and every one is stuck somewhere in my memory. And I quite possibly do have some of your stuff floating in my long boxes - and I do have the Big Book of Martyrs.



    This should cover your question. ;)
    Nice work, Dan!

    In other news, I've not been here for a very long time, but I have an opportunity to finally start work on a web comic/possible e-comic book that is shaping up in concept to being a team book. It will have a Christian message and theme, but not sure how direct it will be yet. I know it will be more analogue than heavy-handed though. The client wanted something more akin to illustrations and devotions than a preachy sermon.
    So, I may (finally) get to be here more often. lol.
    Oh, and Shawn, I'll shoot you an email sometime soon too.
  • Y'know Mr. Lawlis, I just may have a couple of your books in my bins...

    Do you recall what titles you worked on and what issues?



  • Hi Shawn,


    I tried to do exactly what you are asking with my online Christian sci-fi comic book called ORANGE PEEL 3. Please let me know how I did in that regard. In some ways I think I got it right, in other ways I still feel it needs a little work. Although, it sure seems to have made it around the world pretty fast. I get a lot of hits from Brazil, Russia, and China. No money though, that's the next step is trying to figure on how to market merchandise so I can finance on-going stories. Please check it out and send me your feedback.
    Quick bio--I used to draw comic books for the major publishers from 87 to 97, followed by thirteen years in the advertising field drawing storyboards for TV commercials.
    Dan Lawlis

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