Hello, Glad to Be Here

Hi all,

Thanks for letting me join!

I'm a small publisher of RPG books (also one of our writers). I'm embarking on a personal project to create a Christian-themed independent web-based comic for the new site in the urban fantasy genre. The one-liner: "Christian suburban family man juggles his inner Frank Castle and family life to fight demons."

I'm in the process of looking for an artist or even the traditional pencil/colorist duo. If you are an artist and this project sounds interesting, let me know!

God Bless,

Anthony Pacheco


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  • Hello and welcome, Anthony

    My names Bryan, I'm an artist who's been looking for a christian themed project and am interested in. I have a pin up piece up here on and more work on Deviantart ( Also, I just did a cover for Kingdom Comics earlier this month.
    • Hey Bryan! Thanks for writing! Love the piece you posted here.

      I'll keep in touch.
      • Are you on Twitter, if so let me know and I will follow you, thanks for checking me out on there.
        • I deleted my Twitter account long ago; it was a toxic place for me. I use SocialGalactic and Gab now as places to go and talk to people; I deleted my Facebook account, too. I like SocialGalactic because it has a Clean Speech rule enforced by moderators. Gab is kinda cool, though.
          • Oh i can totally understand, I have to regularly mute people because of the kind of ungodly environment on Twitter, but since I've had that account so long I just keep it and deal with it, I figure 'why not use this ungodlu tool for something Godly?', so that is what I do. I might still check you out on SocialGalactic or Gab if I ever get the time. I emailed you back, thank you again.
      • No problem, and look forward to hearing from you in the future.
        • Mail sent to your Gmail account.
        • I'm cleaning up the comic bible and will send you the PDF in an email tonight.
          • Thanks, Anthony! I'll check it out and get back to you! Happy you really seem to like my artstyle!
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