Hey CCAS people, these are some sketch studies of a project I have been working about Jesus's temptations in the desert. I am using Procreate and Clip Studio on my iPad to create these. 

Here are some details:


Does anyone else use an iPad to create comics? Would love to chat about it.

THe project I am working on is all roughed out. Draft title (which may be the final title) is The Temptations. Its going to be a 60 page graphic novel, and I have finished inking and colouring the first fifve pages. I will post those up on the forum a bit later.

Has anyone else worked on a similar professional project, and do you have any tips on research and useful resources? I am planning on a kickstarter at the end of the year when the comic is finished.

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  • Beautiful work! If you hadn't mentioned that this was digital I would have 100% thought it was traditionally done, very clever! Your designs have a unique style that I find very aesthetically pleasing.
    Keep going with your graphic novel, I'm keen to see more.
  • These designs are so cool. I really like the colors and the expressions!
  • Hi Simon. Glad I could help. I had to correct the en gedi website address as I typed it in wrong. You could also try
    I think there's a couple of other sites like Nazereth village but I can't seem to find them online.
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with. GOD bless
    Maxmuseum Home1
  • Hi Indigenous Bert,
    wow, huge thank you for these resources. I am just not getting much depth to my internet searches, so these sites and books are going to be a BIG help.
    Yes, good idea, I have seen Simon Pillario's work on kickstarter and here as well, I should get in touch with him :)
    Thanks man!
  • Hi Simon!
    Love the art. I can't help with the art and software but, here are a few web sites and books you might want to check out.

    The world Jesus knew by Anne Punton
    New light on the difficult words of Jesus by David Bivin
    Enter His Gates by Susan Marcus
    Daily life in the time of Jesus by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh
    The Jews in the time of Jesus by Peter Connolly

    Also, I'd recommend connecting with Simon Amadeus Pillario at
    too as he's already done a ton of research by the looks of it.

    Hope they may be of some help. GOD bless Online | Exploring the Jewish Background to the Life and Words of Jesus
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