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My first attempt creating a video; some old art/illustrations from 1st volume and new lineart from 2nd. It's meant to be an encouraging presentation for youth which will be posted on the new website later this year.

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  • O, thanks Maurice and Christina! I totally forgot about this piece. It's from a while back but the song is meaningful and really fit what I was trying to accomplish. It's basic, but so am I :)

  • Lisa, I think you did a wonderful job at the video! I remember the panels from reading the manga online ^_^, my favorite character is still Toby!


    Hello, Lisa!

    Today was the first day that I took a look at your video...'most impressive, dear.

  • Beautiful.
  • oh, thank so much, Joe. And I saw your own labor of love at your site. I think as artists we have our own "special" projects that mean a lot to us and we spend lots of time doing it. No doubt you're encouraging so many people with your work. God bless!
  • This is a great video for your story! As you well know, there's not enough pure-hearted manga out there.
  • It was a free download, I'm don't even remember from where. I suppose I should take a look at the copyright notices, eh...? "Here I Am" by Downhere produced by Centricity. There's a notice posted on my site.
  • so cool! makes me want to make my own video too! where did you get your music from?
  • Wow. That is solid. It's good. It really is. I'm inspired to draw panels for much longer just watching it.
  • Thanks! First I found free down loadable music and had an old version of Windows Movie Maker that came with my pc. It was easy to use. Once the music is in and you have your images lined up, just choose transitions and effects. I tried to transfer the movie files to my new pc that came with a new version of WMM because I wanted more variety but I wasn't able to for some reason. The movie will serve its purpose anyway. Thank you!
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