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Open Source Judaism in Comic Book form?

I just read a review of a comic book by Douglas Rushkoff who apparently likes to think that the old testament version (and judaism in general) should be up for collaborative re-interpretation.

You can find the review here

The book is titled Testament, a title that has been used very recently for a separate Christian publisher's anthology of Bible stories.

That sounded suspect to me, but I read on. The more I read, the more convinced I was that the author of the book has invented his own religion, based upon what seems to be a Jewish heritage and created a comic book from the result.

Still the result is a comic-book that tries to address issues of religion and spirituality and subsequently, still stands as what seems to be an honest attempt to articulate a specific system of belief, albeit a very strange one.

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The 2007 Guide to Christian Comics will be available at:

2007 Karitos Christian Arts Festival.
Aug 2-4, 2007
Living Waters Community Church
Bolingbrook, IL
Christian Comics Table (George Macas, Jr)

Wizard World Chicago
Aug. 9-12, 2007
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, IL
Kingdom Comcs Table (George Macas, Jr, contact)

Tampa Comic Book & Toy Convention
Aug .19, 2007
Doubletree Hotel
Tampa, FL
Geoff Brenneman’s Table
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King Who went to the moon Now launched on and amazon

This is my book aimed at 7-12 year olds. Now on sale on go to King who went to the moon!There was an old king who lived in a faraway land full of magic and mystery. He was a wealthy, wise and extremely adventurous king. There was just one problem: he had done everything there was that a king could possibly think to do.This was why King Ozwald sat on his throne in the main hall looking so sad. No matter how many jokes the pageboy Ben told, or how many magical tricks the Wizard Zoran conjured, nothing could pull the King from this deep-rooted boredom.“Is there nothing you have not done or tried at all, my great King? Nothing at all?” asked Ben, looking unhappily at King Ozwald, who juststared out over his Kingdom.“Dear boy, I’ll tell you something that not a lot of people know. I’ve climbed the highest mountains, dived to the bottom of the deepest seas. I’ve fought the tallest giants and the most fearsome dragons—and not without a few singed hairs, I might add!” Ozwald proudly related his most daring exploits to Ben and Zoran.“I’ve tried every sport, every hobby, all kinds of record-breaking attempts—what more can I do to try to fight this ghastly boredom?” This thought made his sadness return.“Maybe we should ask the people of our Kingdom to come up with an idea? Surely someone must know about something you’ve never done before?” As Ben began to explain his idea, King Ozwald began to brighten up a little.“My boy, I think you’ve cracked it! We’ll have a huge party for everyone in my Kingdom. The person who can come up with something I’ve never done before can have a chest of gold and jewels so big they’ll never have to work again!” With this, Ozwald seemed a lot happier and set about calling for the people to gather in the great hall.“My King, everyone has written down their ideas, and some are quite extraordinary,” proclaimed the Wizard.“Water skiing, knife juggling, dwarf tossing! But I don’t think there’s anything here you’ve not tried—within reason.” Zoran smiled to himself at some of the things the people had suggested.“What must I do, Zoran?” King Ozwald asked as he stared up at the full moon that shone brightly down on the Kingdom.“I’ve no idea, my King, but you’d better cheer up or the people will lose their faith in you,” Zoran spoke with a rather unsympathetic tone.Then, “I know, my King, there is something you have never done, and one idea that I’ve always dreamed of!” shouted Ben suddenly with glee in his voice.“Look at the beautiful moon up in the sky—what an adventure it would be to travel there and look down on the earth!” This had always been Ben’s dream, ever since he was a small boy on his father’s farm.The night turned into one long celebration. Even the cynical Zoran joined in the fun with an amazing fireworks display that lit up the sky for miles around.The court’s musicians piped up with the King’s favourite music. Everyone danced the night away.“I would give everything to come with you, my King,” asked Ben nervously.“My boy, I would be extremely proud to take you—after all, it was your idea.” The King looked down at Ben with pleasure.“Then let’s build a rocket ship big enough for both of us, just like the ones Zoran is setting off tonight,” Ben giggled with excitement, as another rocket burst into the night sky.The next day, the King and Ben clambered down the castle steps to the courtyard below, where Zoran the Wizard was waiting impatiently.“My King, if you are to travel to the moon you must train to be an astronaut, so you can survive in the deep cold of space.” The Wizard then explained how space is a cold and difficult place for anyone to travel.“Well, Zoran, do your worst, but make sure we are fit for whatever the trip has in store,” King Ozwald agreed with a nervous edge to his voice.With this, Zoran began to prepare them for the weightlessness of space. If only they knew what evil plan he had in store for them!After days of extremely vigorous training, in which the Wizard Zoran seemed to take great delight, the King decided that enough was enough and told Zoran they needed to rest.“Fine, I’ve been meaning to get back to building the rocket ship you asked for.” Then the Wizard promptly disappeared down one of the castle’s stairways into the dungeon.“Well, I’ve never seen him act like that before,” said Ben suspiciously.“Neither have I—maybe we should take a peek at what he’s been making down in the dungeon,” suggested the King. They both began to climb down the stairs to spy on Zoran.They were amazed at how quickly the rocket was being built. “Now I know where all the castle armour has disappeared to!” whispered Ozwald.After two more weeks the rocket ship was ready for launch, and the King and Ben had finished their astronaut training.“Well, my King, today is the day of the great space adventure. Are you ready to climb aboard the ship?” Zoran was rubbing his hands with undisguised glee that his evil plan was about to take place.“As ready as we will ever be! My only concern is, how do we get back?’ Ozwald replied in a worried tone.“No need to worry about that. I’ll explain when you land safely on the moon,” sniggered Zoran.“I don’t trust him at all,” Ben whispered to the King. They both climbed into the cockpit of the rocket and strapped themselves in, ready for takeoff.“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero—we have lift off!” shouted Zoran over the radio.The rockets roared into life and the ship hurtled into the skies. The King and Ben were thrown back into their seats by the G-force of the takeoff.As the rocket propelled itself into the atmosphere, the evil Wizard Zoran raced downstairs to where the King kept all his gold and crown jewels.“What do you think you’re doing down here?” growled the King’s special crown guard.“I’m taking over this Kingdom so I can steal all the gold in the castle.” The Wizard then cast an evil spell, turning all the King’s guards into zombies.Thankfully King Ozwald and Ben were managing to keep the rocket steady on its course to the moon. They were enthralled by how beautiful the earth looked and how bright the stars shone this far out in space.“Get ready, Ben, I think we’re about to land on the moon,” said the King. They started to deploy the landing gear as they hurtled towards the rocky ground of the moon.“I think we’re going to crash. Hold on to something,” said Ben as the rocket smashed into the moon’s surface with an almighty bang and a wallop!“That’s torn it. I don’t know how we’ll get back now,” groaned King Ozwald as they clambered out of the damaged spaceship.“Be careful Ben, we can’t afford to get lost. We need to find a way of getting back.” They both floated across the surface looking for someone to help them get back.Before long they came across a strange blue giant sitting on a moon rock and eating some cheese. “What are you two strange creatures doing on my moon?” bellowed the giant.“I am King Ozwald from the Kingdom of UpperMill, and this is my trusted pageboy Ben,” said the King with a nervous smile.“Yes, we didn’t mean to trespass on your planet. We have crashed and don’t know how to get back to earth,” Ben gasped in amazement as he gazed at the huge giant who towered over them.“Well then, I suppose that’s okay. I may be able to help you,” rumbled the giant.“I am the man in the moon and I live here alone making my magic moon cheese.” The man in the moon then explained how by eating his cheese they could make a wish and their dreams would come true.“We would be grateful if you could help us,” cried Ben as his oxygen began to run out, making it harder for him to breathe.“Don’t worry, little boy, just eat a small portion of my cheese and you’ll fall asleep, whereupon you will dream. Whatever you dream will come true, even if you wish to arrive back home safely,” explained the man in the moon.With this they both took a bite of the magical cheese and dreamt of being back home in the castle.With a “POW!” they both suddenly appeared in a flash of smoke at the foot of the bed of the castle chef and his wife.“How did you get back here, my King?” screamed the chef, waking his wife.“Calm down, Chef, we were trapped on the moon by the evil Wizard Zoran.” The King explained how the man in the moon had saved them.The chef and his wife then told King Ozwald and Ben how the Wizard Zoran had taken over the castle, with the help of soldiers who had been put under an evil zombie spell.“We’ll soon sort him out,” growled the King.“I don’t think so, my King,” Zoran hissed as he stepped into the room with two huge zombie guards.“Don’t hurt the boy, Zoran, we’ll come quietly.” King Ozwald decided it wasn’t a good idea to try to fight the zombies.“Good thinking, my King. Down to the dungeons with you both.” Zoran chortled as the King and Ben were carried away by the two zombies to the castle’s dark, damp dungeon.The zombies unlocked the heavily bolted doors of the dungeon, throwing the King and Ben roughly across the floor. Only the glow of a candle and a thin sliver of light from the moon penetrated the dark dampness of the cramped cell.“Don’t worry, Ben, I’m sure we’ll find a way out,” the King tried his best to reassure Ben.“My King, all is not lost. All we have to do is contact the man in the moon—I’m sure he will save us.” Ben’s hope was like a beacon in the gloom of the dungeon.“I saved some of the magic cheese the man in the moon gave us. All we have to do is eat it and make our wish.” They both ate a piece before dropping off to sleep, hoping for the man in the moon’s help one more time.Within minutes of them both dropping off to sleep, a strange rumbling could be heard outside the castle walls.“Who dares wake me from my sleep?” bellowed Zoran as he clambered onto the top turret of the castle.“I do. I’m here to rescue my two friends the King and the pageboy Ben.” The man in the moon’s voice was so loud it even shook the turrets of the castle.Then the Wizard unleashed his most powerful spell, which had absolutely no effect, as the man in the moon’s magic was too powerful.“I’ve got work for you to do, Zoran. You can churn my cheese and keep me company on the moon for your crimes today,” he said.The Wizard was so afraid he turned all the guards back to normal and freed the King and Ben.“We thank you again.” The King chuckled along with Ben as the man in the moon and the Wizard faded away.The King vowed never again to complain of being bored, but promised Ben they would one day visit the moon again.Zoran was now under lock and key, and had plenty of hard labour to do, helping the man in the moon make his special moon cheese.Ben asked the King how they would get back to the moon. “I think we can do that any time we wish, as my loyal chef has copied the cheese recipe with the man in the moon’s permission.” Ben smiled and the King winked in acknowledgement.“Well, Ben, maybe this is the start of many adventures to come,” said the King in excitement.A great cheer rose from the guards, the chef and his wife, who had all come to see what happened to the evil Wizard Zoran.The end.Or was it the beginning?
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The 2007 Guide to Christian Comics
is now available.

+ Christian Comic Arts Society Publication
+ Compiled by Don Ensign
+ 4th Annual Edition
+ 36 Pages
+ Sections incude:
+ Christian Comics(Print) 5 pages
+ Christian Comics (Web) 15 Pages
(over 150 listings)
+ Groups, Ministries, Publishers, etc. 4 Pages
+ Milestones 3 Pages
+plus Publicity and Work by
Christian Comics Creatorsl
+ Short of analysis of 2007
Christian Comics Scene .
+ Over 40 sample illustrations

$ 2.50 (plus $1.50 p & h).
Donald Ensign
250-A S Paseo Cerro
Green Valley, AZ 85614
(Yes, I have PayPal)

Available at CCAS table
at Comic Con International: San Diego
and the Tampa Bay Comic Con
(Geoff Brenneman's Table)
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2007 Guide to Christian Comics

For the past 4 years new I've been producing a digest booklet called
the Guide to Christian Comics. It is an annual publication
that surveys what has been happening over the past year
in the Christian Comics movement. It has extensive listings
of print comics and web sites and tons of information and

I am putting the finishing touches on the 2007 edition. It will
be going to the printer in a couple of days. It will make it's
debut at the 2007 San Diego Comic Convention at the CCAS
table (see location elsewhere on this site).

If you can't make the Con and are interested in a copy send me
an e-mail and I get you order information.

God willing I will start a weekly review column here about some of
the terrific comics that are being produced by Chrisians and comics
that reflect Christian values and worldview. Thi column will start in

God bless,
Don Ensign
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Akktri's Stuff

In addition to my Quaceb comics (, I have some other great, entertaining things for you to try out.

1. Gardenia RPG. It's a game about fuzzy animals in a vaguely earth-like world. It's a freeform PBEM and/or message board game with plenty of Christian stuff popping up around the plot.

2. Heaven Roleplaying Game. Sure, heaven is unimaginable, but how come we keep seeing so many Buddhist and non-scripturally themed stories about heaven in the media? Let's work towards making a vivid, imaginative picture of heaven from the Christian perspective!

3. While the Gardenia RPG is a lot of fun, there is also a comic based on the game. This can be viewed at .

4. For more fun things, go to

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Messages from the beloved ;-)

Jus a note to encourage you to have a look
on his website, where you can see images,
about God's incredible power, love and goodness.

He has so much in store for you.
This is no rubbish or religous blabla.

He is real!

I can say much more, but what you need to know
s the REALITY of God's power and love, that transforms lives.

This website tells you more:

Tell others about it too..!

God is real, people!

Let's find out...

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Prayer Request

On April 20 (next Friday) my church, the Evangelical Free Church in Green Valley
is having a Ministry Fair. The Fair is from 6:00- 8:00 PM. Green Valley is just south of Tucson, AZ.

This Ministry Fair's purpose is to tell others in the church what church members and attenders
are doing ministry wise that is not directly connected to regular church activities.

I have signed up as an exhibitor and will be presenting the work of CCAS.

I plan on displaying comic art and publications and sharing about the convention
ministry. Appreciate your prayers as this is basically a retiree church. Seeing comics
as a ministry might stretch or blow some minds and perconceptions.


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Newbie Guy

Contras to Geoff for this great Social Network Site.

I see they cut off the top of my head in the mug shot. The phot is
a formal one from several months ago. It is an Olan Mills portrait
shot. I hope we can make this an active site.

God bless,
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Glad to be here!

Greetings fellow CCAS members... glad to be here.

I've been associated with ALPHA OMEGA since its beginning in January, 1985. I've submitted many comic strips through this medium through the years, most of them from Light for the Deaf, a publication I began back in 1966 and have published since then. I also occasionally submit original comic strips, mostly science fiction. One that drew attention is The Rescue of Ray Rockett, a whimiscal strip I did in which Ray Rockett, Jr. enlists my help in rescuing his father, the original Ray Rockett. Ray Rockett was a character I created when I was a kid and making "home-made" comic books. This comic strip ran as a serial in ALPHA OMEGA and I later gathered it together into a digest-size comic book, a few copies of which I have sold.

I hope to say more in the months to come. May God bless you!

Billy Leavell

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Nổi bật lên với những tiểu thuyết tình yêu, tác giả Hồng Cửu trở thành cái tên được nhiều người yêu thích. Văn phòng của Hồng Cửu luôn rất độc đáo, có chút gì đó nhẹ nhàng nhưng mấy khi lại táo bạo đến không ngờ. Những câu chuyện tình yêu đã viết, những hiện thực phản phất qua câu chữ. Tất cả đều khiến người đọc đánh rơi cảm xúc vào từng chương. Hồng Cửu đã viết rất nhiều, nhưng những tác phẩm dưới đây lại đặc biệt nổi tiếng, để lại ấn tượng sâu đậm trong lòng độc giả.

1. Hay Là Mình Sống Chung

Bìa Hay là mình sống chung

Nhân duyên thế nào mới được gọi là đậm sâu. Duyên ngộ ra sao mới có thể diễn tả bằng hai từ đặc biệt? Vốn không mối nhân duyên nào được gọi là kỳ lạ, duy chỉ có sự an bài của định mệnh mà thôi.

Cũng giống như Tiền Phi và Lý Diệc Phi, đôi song phi đã định sẽ gặp nhau rồi từ từ trải qua sóng gió của tình yêu. Ngay từ lần đầu gặp gỡ, mọi chuyện vốn đã định sẽ không dễ dàng.

Vì một lý do đặc biệt mà Tiền Phi để Lý Diệc Phi sống trong nhà mình. Ngôi nhà nhỏ bé của cô cũng vì thế mà thêm phần nhộn nhịp. Đại thiếu gia nhà họ Lý thì khởi đầu lại có chút không quen.

Cứ thế, chậm rãi và từ từ, họ rơi vào hố sâu của tình yêu. Để rồi đến khi nhận ra thì đã chẳng còn kịp nữa rồi. Dẫu có muốn vùng mình chạy trốn, dẫu cho có cách biệt tình yêu thì trái tim đã gọi, chẳng lẽ không quay đầu?

Quyết định khó nhất là lựa chọn tình yêu. Vì sẽ gửi gắm cả cuộc đời của mình. Hạnh phúc tương lai cũng là vì người ta mà sẽ có hay không.

Hay là mình sống chung, để những tháng ngày hạnh phúc mình luôn có nhau…

2. Tuổi Xuân Của Em, Tòa Thành Của Anh

Điều nuối tiếc nhất trong tình yêu là gì? Là mình yêu người khác nhưng người khác lại không yêu mình? Không. Nuối tiếc nhất chính là không thể yêu.

Tuổi xuân là cả một bầu trời tự do, là cả khoảng thời gian bay nhảy không vô lo ngần ngại. Là khi những câu chuyện tình yêu bắt đầu chớm nở, gieo rắc trong tâm hồn một thiếu nữ những hoài nghi khó khăn.

Vì một lời cược mà Trác Yến tiếp cận với Trương Nhất Địch – anh chàng nổi tiếng của cả trường. Nhưng cũng vì lời cược đó mà Trác Yến đứng trước những lựa chọn khó khăn. Khi cả cậu chàng Nhất Địch lẫn cậu bạn thân đều đồng loạt ngỏ lời với cô.

Một bên là cậu bạn thân quanh năm trò chuyện, thân thiết với nhau đến mức hiểu rõ về nhau và đặc biệt, không thể nào thiếu nhau. Còn một bên lại là một cậu bạn lãnh đạm, với trái tim cuồng nhiệt ẩn đằng sau dáng vẻ ơ thờ.

Trác Yến sẽ lựa chọn thế nào? Sẽ vì điều gì mà quyết định cả tương lai phía trước?

Thước đo tốt nhất vẫn luôn là thời gian. Câu trả lời sẽ có, vào một ngày nào đó. Khi trái tim thiếu nữ thực sự rung động vì một người.

3. Bảy Kiếp

Truyện Bảy kiếp của Hồng Cửu 

Bảy kiếp là 1 trong những câu truyện ngôn tình hay nhất của Hồng Cửu. Một kiếp tình yêu để có được hạnh phúc phải trải qua bao nhiêu đau đớn. Một kiếp tình yêu đã dùng cả trái tim cuồng nhiệt để yêu và để giận. Hứa sẽ yêu nhau trọn đời, trọn kiếp nhưng mấy ai làm được. Bởi có một từ vẫn mang tên “số phận”. Số phận quyết định và rồi lại đổi thay. Nhưng duyên ngộ không ngờ, lại có người bên nhau tận bảy kiếp.

Từ khi chỉ còn là một sinh linh nhỏ bé, nằm trơ trọi giữa vùng đất mênh mang. Thân yếu mềm, lại oặt mình trước gió. Đóa bồ công anh ấy đã chống chịu nhiều gió sương. Đến lúc đẹp nhất, tươi tắn nhất lại bị thổi bay khi một trận gió ập qua và rồi cứ ở lì chẳng chịu đi. Nhưng ai mà ngờ, trận gió ấy vì thương nhớ đóa bồ công anh mà nguyện lòng ở lại. Nó không hề biết rằng đóa bồ công anh ấy sẽ bay nghìn tứ phương.

Kiếp đầu tiên khởi đầu, đã hứa hẹn sẽ là một nhân duyên kỳ lạ. Quấn quít, yêu đương trải dài nhiều kíp liền.

Tình yêu đậm sâu, lòng nguyện mãi bên nhau. Bảy kiếp dài đằng đẵng. Sự rồi sẽ thế nào…

4. Chưa Từng Yêu Em Như Thế

Si tình hay ngốc nghếch, yêu đến mù quáng hay là kẻ dại khờ? Trong tình yêu, vốn không phân biệt phải trái. Khi đã yêu em nhiều đến thế thì có chuyện gì lại không sẵn lòng vì em…

Là những câu chuyện tình yêu ngọt đến sún răng, “Chưa Từng Yêu Em Như Thế” cứ nhẹ nhàng nhưng lại khiến người đọc phải nhung nhớ dài lâu. Khi tình yêu chứa toàn mật ngọt lại vương chút mênh mang không thể hiểu.

Vì đâu mà gặp gỡ? Vì đâu mà bắt đầu yêu nhau?

Tại sao càng nhìn càng thấy người mình thương thật đẹp? Càng nhìn càng đắm say là thế nào.

Chính tình yêu đã khiến trái tim mù quáng. Cũng chính tình yêu đã khiến trái tim chịu thấu đáo đủ bề. Để khi nhận ra nhau, lại không thể để lỡ nhau từng giây phút nào cả.

Từng chương truyện cứ mãi khắc sâu trong tim người đọc về những câu chuyện đẹp đẽ lại nhuốm một màu hồng này. Đẹp tức khắc nhớ, yêu tức khắc say.

Bởi mình mãi yêu, cùng nhau nắm tay đi đến già. Bên nhau, lại cùng nhau hạnh phúc!

Chưa từng yêu ai nhiều đến vậy, kể từ khi mình gặp được nhau.

Cùng thưởng thức giọng văn độc đáo của Hồng Cửu qua từng thước truyện tại web Truyện hay với bản full cập nhật liên tục. Chúc bạn có những phút giây thư giãn trọn vẹn.
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