alfg workshop artI thought it would be cool to take you on a day-by-day journey of a piece that I recently created.

This workshop will document:

  • How to start a seemingly big project using common downtime.
  • The challenges I had transitioning from pencil sketch to color.
  • How to use constructive criticism from fellow artists to guide your progress.
  • How to use principles from the real world to create environments in the fantasy ream.
  • How Christian visual artists don’t have to only create religious themes.

This actually originated as a simple sketch while sitting on the couch during 'family time". This is an example of how you can use common, every day downtime to keep your skills sharp and create (see my brief video on that concept here).
The character is a composite of my 3 daughters. Moriah, my youngest, actually posed for it while her sisters Azsa and Anisa both inspired the hair, stature and facial expression.

1. I started with a basic thumbnail sketch to establish the character’s pose. This actually set the stage for ideas for the surrounding environment as well.

soldier girl thumb
"Soldier-Girl" Thumbnail Sketch

2. The thumbnail sketch leads the way for the full-sized, more detailed pencil drawing of the character. (By the way, you may recognize the pencil drawing from our upcoming book “The Artist and Designer’s Book of Tips”. Yes, it will be released this summer!)

"Soldier-Girl" Pencil Drawing

Part 2 tomorrow, with pictures of my color scheme choices and the challenges it took for me to get it right!

Here is a picture of all three of my inspirations in one shot:

tony snipes daughters

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