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I’m having naming issues for one of my characters. His current name is Trigometer, but I have found that his name… is kinda lame. :) When I first came up with him, he was meant only to be a spoof of the Hal Jordan Green Lantern (I was coming up with a phony-bologna Justice League as a joke). He wore a blue suit and made things composed of tiny little triangles from his gloves (I know, I know, but it was like 2:00 am when I came up with him).  Since that time, I’ve not only decided to keep him in my actual comic stories (with certain adjustments to his powers, of course) but he has slowly become one of the main heroes (it figures :/ ). Anyways, he is still very similar to GL (minus the GL Corp and the “ladies’ man” kind of attitude), but I’m beginning to wonder if his name even suits him. At first, since Trig wasn’t a main character, I didn’t care so much about his geeky name. But like I said, I’ve developed his personality way more than I had planned. So now that he’s one of the main guys, I continue to notice just how geeky it is (both his name and the little triangles). I mean, who in their right mind would go around calling themselves Trigometer? (I guess you could say the same thing about Robin, Martian Manhunter, Wolverine, Captain America, and just about any other super hero out there, but at least their names, I don’t know, are easy for kids to pronounce/sound cool/are catchy/are easy to remember…and so on.) So…what would be a good name? Any ideas? Thanks! :)

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  • I like just "Trig" it sounds good.

  • Hmmm... I asked my dad what he thought concerning all of this, and he said that the name should be Isosceles. Who knows what this guy’s name will be (being the indecisive person I am, it’ll be a while before I know)!

  • miabu: Hmmm...maybe. :) Thanks for the input! :)

    McKenzie R. Clark: Thanks for the compliment! :) I owe it to my dad; he’s always been good with words. :) Thanks for the idea as well! I’ll be sure to try it! :)

    Clint DeRon Johnson: Yeah, Trig is definitely a Christian guy, but for some reason, I hadn’t even thought about the Trinity. Just another thing that makes him amazing. :) I like the sound of Amourex…I’ll definitely keep it in mind. :) Thanks!

    D. L. Maffett: I have tried a generator before, but somehow I ended up with names like “Dude Man” or “Blue Boy” (maybe I used the wrong one). I almost would keep his name as Trigometer, but I’m not sure. Something about it sounds strange to me. However, my eight-year-old brother says the same thing, so who knows? Maybe I‘ve had the right name all along. :) 



  • try using a name generator. They have helped me out. But I like the name Trigometer, I think its catchy.

  • Hi Nicole, nice to meet you. In Western Christianity The triange also represents the Trinity ( Father Son Holy Spirit) also known as the triune God. The  number three also is significant in terms of past, present, and future or spirit, mind and body.

    If Trigometer is a Christian or just "deep"you would have tons of wiggle room and symbolgy there. Mabe the word three or tri in another language. If he were a silver age hero you could call the Blue Angle. ( dont quote me.) If he were early Image he would possibly bre just called Angle or Tri-Point, Third Edge or something. Delta and Pyramid come to mind. Okay this has a ring to it

    ..."Amourex". It means love triangle or eternal triange  in french. Sounds very Ladies'mannish to me . (


    So thats my two Cents. Who knows, mabe there can be a cross over when AmoureX meets Faith Walker.


    Be Blessed



    Mabe A


  • *them, silly inaccurate fingers

  • You're wildly well written for your age. I think with your tastes and what you're writing communicates is a level head on your shoulders, you can come up with a name that suits the character and is dynamically appealing on your own, just keep at it. List your ideas, write then down and as you're writing, more names will come to you. Spend the time to write even the terrible ideas down, the process will goad your creativity!

  • triad

  • You have a point. But according to my sources (aka my brothers), they’re mandatory. :) But who knows? Mabye not having a super name will make him stand out more. :)

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