Funny how in the small amount of years we are gifted on this great planet created by our Lord and King, we can mature so much in our spiritual lifes. But that almost begs a rhetoric question within us doesn't it? One we only ask as a rememberaince of what this season is really about. As season tithings and joy fill our time with relatives and our own church families; it can be really easy to lose track of what this season is truely about. As a child I remember how easy it was lose track as thoughts of Santa, grandma's sweet patato's and prestents filled my heart. But as I grew older and Christ granted me joy beyond understanding, these things no longer carried such a huge weight on my young mind. Instead, it began to understand that you could be content with the smallest things in life, because lifes isn't just about fun times and what you can own; rather we chose to do for Christ's glory. Last year God granted me the great gift, one that still takes the breath from my lungs everytime I think about it. Last Christmas, God allowed me to leave my post from Afghanastan, to meet my daughter for the first time. And as I held her, my heart just melted in her eyes. And looking back as  held my daughter for my first  time, as she was the pure twinkle of my eye and smile on my face; I wonder that love we feel for our childeren as small as it is compared to God's, is ment to be a small reperesentaion or glimps of what Christ has for us. As he knit us together in our mother's wombs, and counted every hair on our heads; makes you think a little. If we trying to love as Christ loved, and we are in fact as loving parents willing to die for our childeren, protect them with all of our being and grant them a good wholesome life; if that is only a small comprehension of God's love for us, how great it is than, truely,that it truely cannot be grasped by the mear thought of men. So in closing my wife asked me "honey, what do you want for christmas?" And as my heart pondered this simple thought, I realized my gift already came this year, and it was joy. The joy Christ has filled my heart with as I begin everyday to draw closer to him, is a great gift. Because with it I find no need for the childish things I once so admired, rather, I wish to give it to all I meet and see this season as it was freely given to me.That and my heart does warm aboundantly so, as the sheer thought of my daughter opening her presents for the first time, seeing her eyes light up with such simple joy at a fathers love, giving of a simple gift, knowing in fact, is a lesson taught to us every year. As a parent (God) loving there childeren (us) so much, that they would give a gift (Christ) so that child (us) in that moment of joy, would come to know and appreciate the love of that parent (Christ crucified.)    

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  • Hi Phillip! It's wonderful God brought you home safe and sound to your family! You are not taking it for granted but trying to minister to others with the blessings and time He has given you. You painted a wonderful picture of how a loving parent is like God loving us. It's mind boggling that God could give up His only Son to die for us. I suspect many of you parents would die for your kids, but for God to sacrifice His Son full willingly for us...tremendous, most astonishing!

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