The End of "Me"

I have had many thoughts in the past few months of stories I could have wrote, but, I chose not to. They were empty and joyless really, at leat for me. Yet the ideas still kept pouring out. For some reason, my brain really wanted to do a really worldly story, but my heart, knew better, and wanted God to always be apart of my work. Now I am not saying or posting something online that worldly stories are a sin. Because they aren't. God has given many creators amazing stories to tell in comics, movies and books, which I know I and alot of us enjoy. It's just for me God really knocks on my heart and I see my writing as a ministry of sorts. So for those few months I put the pen down so to speak, and worked on other things like that God wanted to me to do ministry wise. I started a bible study Pod cast, trying to get a  Christian ministry that is online base to help other ministries in need and God is moving mountins for that and lastly this week I am launching a Christain comic book review/advertisement, I use the word review really losely because I am not a critic and I figured we needed a you tube channel any who to help promot the hard work gonig on in this joint, {with at being said if you want your project to be apart of this, i.e. a trailer or something here is my email, }  Any who back to the main part of this post, God has blessed my waiting with many things and with that being said The project I told alot of you about is almost done, and I cant wait to show ya'll the promotion I am doing for it. With all that being said. This post will apart of many to come on this sight about putting God first and watching what amazing things happen when we do

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