Senior Year!

Hello CCAS goers!

Mia is in her final full semester in college, followed by two classes in the summer. After that it's the big real world and the art that I choose to give it. 

My senior classes have been a challenge in figuring out "what i want to be when I grow up" and I doubt that anyone has truly figured that out. But I am trusting God's direction and purpose in my life, and I'm trying not to plan too much (I really love to plan :] ).

i have considered where and how I want to work and I have a great love for designing other people's characters or trying my hand at drawing the designs they already have. I have worked with a few of the members of CCAS and enjoy continually working with y'all. 

So as I continue to make a professional place for myself; website, resume, cards, portfolio and such, I would like to keep you all in the loop. Once my schedule becomes more clear and my focus goes towards my life outside of school, I will be very open to work on larger projects.

I know in the past, CCAS has started small projects and independent teams that want to create something bigger. I want to be aware of these plans and point out that I may be for hire in late 2016. We'll see where God leads me in terms of part time or full time positions where I live now, but if y'all would pray with me for God's perfect direction and peace. As well as for my boyfriend, Aaron (who is also graduating at the same time as me!).

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  • Congratulations!!!! Hey, I am in my senior year too majoring in animation and East Asian studies, but I am not graduating this semester. I will be finish in December 2016 and walk the stage in May 2017. I feel like a failure for not being able to graduate on time. I try not to like that, but I can't change how I really feel.
  • You and Aaron are in my prayers. 

  • Exciting! I'm praying as well.

  • Prayers going up!

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