Occult symbols

Watched a very informative about symbols, we all know things like pentagrams are a sign of the enemy but things like a single eye, a hand and pyramids/triangles are used as symbols for the occult as well, very interesting stuff. I recommend every Christian look into these things so you don't end up wearing a shirt or getting a tattoo with a message you may not know about.

Put this in a blog because the comment section doesn't give you enough room. X3

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  • Will do, its a fascinating subject for sure! :3

  • Definitely post again if you find out anything cool. You got me interested in the history of the triangle + hand/eye. I'm gonna read-up on that.

  • Thank you, I glad, I'll be looking into the matter more in between my free lance art jobs and my webcomic so if I find anything more solid out I'll do a follow up on the subject, what started as a passing comment turned into a pretty interesting discussion. :3  

  • Dan, I have read the thing about the semaphore symbols and I'm pretty sure I've seen a video interview with Gerald Holtom giving that explanation. I can't find the interview now and I haven't found anything online that references any source for any Holtom quotes. Wikipedia references a CND website article that doesn't have any references to interviews or written explanations by Holtom. I hate the internet in general and Wikipedia in particular, especially in regards to history.


    Gerard, I pretty much agree with you again, although I would probably phrase the last thing you said differently. I would say that a Christian has access to more information (theological/revelatory information) than does an historian. For example, an historian could verify that Judas sold Jesus out but only scripture can tell us that the Devil entered Judas. I don't think a Christian's view of history by itself is any different from a "secular" historian's. Certain things happened a certain number of years ago and left evidence behind like artifacts, documents, linguistic patterns etc. I think the only area in which a Christian might contradict the discipline of history would be where prophecy in involved. Historians tend to assume that prophecies were always written after the events described.


    Donny, don't worry, I would never let a discussion about history get in the way of fellowship with a brother. In fact, I wouldn't keep talking about this if I thought you were anything other than an ally in Christ.


    I wan to clarify that I never said we can't know for sure whether Nero used the symbol or turned crosses upside-down. I said we don't know if Christians were using the cross as a visual symbol in the first century. I think we can know if Nero used it or not and I think the evidence points to the conclusion that he didn't. If there is some credible source that documents Nero's use of it, I will stand corrected. I don't like the peace symbol. I think it's lame and ugly. I don't want to defend it.


    I also don't think there's a link to Norse or Anglo-Saxon runes, but the symbol's similarity to the 3rd Panzer Division emblem is kind of weird and, at best, a terrible oversight on Holtom and the CND's part. Holtom was an adult during WWII and there had to have been somebody, in CND/DAC who knew that. But that's just speculation on my part.


    I just want to say one last thing. Videos and books that claim to tell the pagan/occult origin of symbols or holidays are almost always wrong. Seriously. Demand references to primary sources and follow up on them, like Gerard said.


    P.S. Donny, I still think you have a good point when you say we need to research and use symbols carefully. This is especially important to Christian Chomic Chreators who are inventing worlds, languages, superhero costumes and symbols, comic book logos and all sorts of visual designs. I think we can be a source of warning, a force to reclaim symbols and source of education in both the history and wise use of symbols.

  • The wiki on it is pretty interesting, for a passing comment with has turned out to be a fascinating topic. X3 

  • in reference to the peace symbol.  I remember seeing somewhere during my studies in Graphic Design that the designer based it off the semifore (flag communication) letters for N and D for nuclear disarmament.  Not that Wiki is reliable, but my good search was confirmed by the entry on the peace symbol.

  • True that Gerry it is the devil's way to twist things until its hard to see whats fact and fiction and we need to open to all sides of opinions until such times as we can make a sound decision through prayer and study. X3 

  • It's never a bad thing to check the claims of one source against others. The occult is such shadowy and shifting terrain, it's very hard to establish hard facts. Given the nature of neo-paganism and the occult, and their practice of fabricating false histories for modern traditions, things become even more difficult. Anyone who's seen modern practitioners of Lovecraft's 'Cthulhu Mythos' worship has seen this in action. Because we believe there is a real devil and demons as Christians, we have a slightly different perspective than secular historians though, do we not?
  • Well study up on it and let me know, I'm not a christian historian all I've heard are some sermons on it and read some blogs, your right we can't know for sure and just because you never heard of it before is not proof either just like just because I heard a few sermons and saw a documentary is not proof. The symbol has alternate meanings as is true with so many symbols, its up to us to decide I suppose. X3

    But for now it is nap time, its been fun talking with you Jotham, I hope this difference in opinion doesn't change the fact we are brothers in Christ. X3  


  • I just want to say that I'm not arguing about this for fun or to sound smart. I don't know what particular video you saw, but I've seen similar videos and books. They freak people out and they assert things that have no basis in history and I would encourage everyone to dig a little deeper into reputable history books before believing this type of video. The Nero thing is a good case in point.


    The idea of an inverted cross is based on a later legend about Peter requesting to be crucified upside-down as a sign of humility towards Christ. This is a legend and there is no evidence that Peter was crucified upside-down or, if he was, that his cross was inverted. Tacitus lived during the Neronian persecution of Christian and records that Nero crucified Christians, burned them and fed them to animals. I've never read him or any early source say they were crucified or burned upside-down or that Nero used inverted crosses as a symbol, let-alone the peace symbol. If you think about it, inverting a cross wouldn't make sense to a first-century emperor. The normal cross was a symbol of terror to all who opposed the empire. The Church was only 30-years-old at the time. We don't know if they were using the cross as a visual symbol. If they were, it is unlikely that their symbols were universal or well-known. There is absolutely no history that I can think of that would indicate Nero ever used such a symbol.

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