New webcomic - Team SLUG Origins

We are happy to announce a collaborative webcomic between me and Kevin Terry, Team SLUG Origins!

Team SLUG is a comic that I created with another writer named Shannon Thomas and an artist named Matt Kaufenberg. It has appeared in print only and we had a great four issue run.

We have now expanded our work with a new artist, CCAS's own Kevin Terry. The webcomic is called Team SLUG Origin and it is a prequel story to our main Team SLUG comic.

Kevin's awesome art is the perfect next step for us as we move into different comic platforms and eventually into more print issues.

Come check us out at Team SLUG Origins and be sure to subscribe to get our weekly email update.

Let us know what you think!

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  • Thanks! We also have our trade paperback of the first four issues of the main Team SLUG comic (not Team SLUG origins) available on Amazon.…
  • The artwork is amazing! I'm glad the process is going so well for you guys.

  • I am glad you like and thanks for letting us know. We are having a great time working on it. We are creating it using the Marvel method. The three of us (me, my co-writer Shannon Thomas, and the artist Kevin Terry) went over the whole story and broke down the plot into story beats and strips. Then Kevin draws one or more strips at a time. He sends them to us and we make suggestions on the art. Only then to we write the actual dialogue.

    It is very different than working from a full script, but it is a lot of fun.

  • Really enjoying this strip.

  • Very nicely done, looking forward to the next strip!

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