Handmade Comics Hatchery

Handmade Comics Hatchery

My wife, Denise, and I want to share this comics accelerator
opportunity with fellow CCAS members. We started a family-friendly, handmade comics
accelerator program. In total, $1,000 USD will be awarded to select
artists who release hand-drawn comics on the zeroone NFT minting and
collecting platform. Throughout this month (June 2024), we will choose
suitable applicant creators to receive $100 each. This will continue
until the entire amount is given away.

8 Steps to Apply:

1. Mint a family-friendly, handmade original comic on site
(which is free to join and free to mint NFTs on). This can be a
1-panel comic (such as those I often create) or multi-panel comics.

2. When minting the comic, set the Number of editions to any number
between 2 and 100.

3. Set the Personal editions number to at least 1.

4. Include in the Description at least 1 sentence about the comic.

5. For one of your tags, use the following: handmadehatchery

6. Follow joechiappetta on zeroone (otherwise the next step won't work).

7. After minting, go to Personal Settings, Reserved, and Transfer 1
edition of that NFT to the account of joechiappetta on zeroone.

8. Follow joeychips on Twitter/X and tag him in a post with your
submitted comic. That's also where winners will be announced.

Comics must be 100% hand-drawn, new work, made without any AI tools
and no tracing used.

Digital comics drawn with a stylus are acceptable, as are high quality
scans or photos of comics drawn on paper.

Theme must be family-friendly: safe and suitable for viewing by all
ages of people.

Happy comic creating!

Joe Chiappetta, 6/4/2024

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