Future female characters in Modern Christians.

Lately I've been having ideas about what female main characters to use in my comic Modern Christians, since I want the comic to appeal to both guys and girls. But I also feel that I need to understand girls even more than what I do. Talk to my female friends more often? Read magazines for girls/women? Watch more movies? Anything to show that my characters are realisitc.Heres some characters I plan to have:Sally: David's eventual girlfriend. I want to make her the ideal Christian girl. She very nice and friendly, probably one of the nicest, most caring girls you could ever meet. She maybe gets bullied sometimes for what she believes in or for being so nice, by other girls. Maybe because they are jealous? She tries to live by Proverbs 31 and it's her favorite chapter of the Bible. She likes romantic comedy movies, though David sometimes doesn't like going with her to see them! :)These other girls I have planned, I am trying to figure out names for them:A girl, who has very strict, fundamentalist Christian parents. She's very loud and rebellious, makes a big deal out of little things, and can't stand her parents or stand being a Christian. For instance, her parents don't let her listen to non-christian music. They call it "secular" I am kind of basing her off Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion although their personalities are similar, there are some differences. I guess with her I want to show that being a hardcore fundamentalist Christian with strict rules is a big mistake towards others? She may have a fondness for Randy since they are like, total opposites! Not sure if she'll eventually get saved. Her parents make her attend the high school Christian club.A goth/emo girl who's been emotionally and physically abused a lot when she was little. She prefers being alone and doesn't want anything to do with Christanity. (for now) She may become friends with one of the main characters for a while. She's always moody or depressed, hides her feelings and maybe cuts herself once in a while, out of frustration. She secretly smokes, even on the school campus.A tomboy type girl who's very athletic and doesn't say much. Maybe I have to develop her character more.Lucy: The girl Mike first falls in love with. Not sure if I should keep her as a main character just yet.Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments.
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  • Lol, I think I know all of these girls.
  • I think that's great, David, and honestly, I think that's what's missing from the medium. A lot of times characters end up as one-sided ideologues instead of real people, so it's refreshing to see someone trying to change that.
  • Yeah, I want my characters to be seen as real people by the readers, or realistic people who see what they really enjoy and what their troubles and feelings are are and how they can relate to them.
  • I really like where you are going with this, David. In particular, I like realistic portrayal of "secular" characters, and especially how factors such as abuse and extremism effect these characters' view on Christianity. That's something which really needs to be explored, and I'd really like to see what you come up with.
  • No worries, my character Sally knows about that whole looking sexy and arousing thing and doesn't want anything to do with that.

    I've been questioning though about that second girl I mentioned with the strict christian parents. I am thinking of calling her Tiffany, kind of as a tribute to Asuka's english voice actor in Neon Genesis Evangelion, and also since Asuka's character is similar to mine.

    Though would it be wrong to have a story where she want's to dress "sexy", goes against her parents wishes and does it anyway? As a form of rebellion? Maybe I don't draw her wearing the clothes but I show what she's interested in, she tries it on, with my drawings showing the outside of the fitting room and she's very happy with what she's bought.

    Though I know what you mean, I don't want my drawings to be seen as possible lustful images.
  • what ever you do, dont make them sexy. its just been so OVERDONE. Even if your character is a perfect christian girl friend the minute you give her a tight shirt and boobs you have just walked into another area that we (men) love to fantasize about. keep them modest and female. its a challenge but as a christian we should not be like the world in our character design. a good example would be jessie from toy story. cute,female and not even a little arousing.
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