An Open Call

My publishing company, Grail Quest Books, is looking for two pencillers for our licenced comic book series, WARS. This is a science-fiction property taking place in our Solar System during the 24th Century. You can find out more about WARS at our website. (The property is licenced from the award-winning game company, Decipher Inc., who published the best-selling Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek collectible card games.)Unfortunately, we cannot offer any compensation up front for these assignments. I know that this is not optimal for many artists. For our part this is not our preference either, but we had two lucrative capital investments get scrubbed because of the current economic climate. We are actively soliciting for advertisement accounts to raise money that way. To say that we are frustrated would be an understatement, but my wife and I look at this company as our ministry and we must keep moving. If you know of a potential advertiser, or a penciller whose situation could allow them to work and receive payments from sales (at the least), then please do pass along their names to me and I will be happy to send them an inquiry.There is a signed contract which will establish the complete nature of the professional relationship. The comic series is slated to debut in the early part of 2010.This offer is for pencillers who are looking for a project that they can build their list of professional credits on. NO previous credits are necessary.This comic series will be printed and distributed by Ka-Blam Digital; our company does have contacts for the major bookseller chains, so we do expect to have the trade paperback collections placed in places like Borders and Barnes & Noble.This project will be in production for 12-14 months. Our company has to make regular reports to the licencer, therefore all artists must be able to complete their assignments within the contracted production schedule. Each of the two assignments will comprise 3-4 issues.Please send me a note if you are interested in being considered for this project or have a question. We look forward to hearing from all interested persons.Thank you.. and God's Blessings on all the projects that creators here are working on!
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  • I'm intrested in coming on board - what kind of charactors am i penciling?
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