A New Direction

Earlier this year I stepped away from my webcomic "Tomes of Atlantis" because I was discouraged by the struggle to gain readership and the fact that the comics medium, while enabling me to depict my stories visually, was terribly time-consuming and inefficient for ever finishing the arc.  I'd worked for too long and hard to just abandon all of it, but for awhile I confess that I felt adrift and directionless.

Recently however, an idea that I felt was probably crazy but seemed like it would fit my needs much more suitably came to me: doing Tomes of Atlantis as an illustrated online serial saga in novel format.  This will enable me to use both of the talents the Lord gave me yet also get my stories out there much faster and hopefully in a more widely available format.


Much remains to be done, but I've already jumped into the project with both feet; I finally feel reinvigorated and excited about writing again.  While it may no longer quite qualify as a "comic" in the traditional sense, I will be using occasional panels from the original webcomic as illustrations along with plenty of all-new material down the road.


Currently my plan is, Lord willing, to re-launch Tomes of Atlantis in its new format in early 2014.  Until then I have a lot of editing to do and a buffer to build up!

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  • Thanks, Brian!  May the Lord guide you in your work as well.

  • Hey Aaron,  Always a pleasure to read your thoughts and struggles; they parallel my own although you're about a year ahead of me (so leave me a clear trail to follow, Bro).  God strengthen you!

    Like you, I'm editing, buffing up my technique, detailing storyline scripts and building buffer. See you in 2014!


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