Christian artists tend to be a bit isolated.  We want to be creative and be working on projects,  but our fellow non artist Christians don't share our enthusiasm,  don't understand our dorkiness or our love of pop culture.  Some even find it bordering on sinful.  On the other hand,  the artistic community tends to be very secular and humanistic.  They don't understand why we want avoid "sin".  They don't want to talk about Jesus because they think you're trying to convert them,  and you can't really talk about the things you're going through,  because they wont understand.  My idea is to start a Meetup for Christian artists to meet each other,  talk,  share ideas,  get a little work done,  maybe even start collaborations.  Is this an idea with any merit?  Any advice on how to go about it?  Please give me your thoughts and opinions!

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  • The advantage the CCAS members have in California is that many of us are local.  Sometimes we get only four, sometimes we get over 15.  But we've been consistent.  Carl Borg of Minnesota has a quarterly meeting of local Christian artists, writers, and fans.  Depending on what city in Texas you live, you might want to put out a blurb identifying Christians in the area.  The CCAS and Facebook sites might be a good place to start. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

  • I try to avoid Facebook too. is very safe.  It's free,  and doesn't ask for personal information.  I was afraid too when I first tried it,  but it's been great!

    But yes,  it is supposed to work locally.

  • I think the core CCAS people meet in person in California. There's a similar group for the NW. They might just meet up at cons. I think they're in Oregon. CCAS is going to have Alpha-Omega Con in California.

    I think what you're talking about might be something that would need to be organized locally. Unless you were thinking Skype/forum/IM meetings. I'm not sure what Meetup is. I'll have to check it out.

    But, yeah. The CCAS site is great, but there could be some more interaction. I've been trying to network with some Christian creative types like the folks here. I could always go for some more fellowship and collaboration.

  • Without knowing anything about not tempted to look because of tracking cookies), I'm not sure how to get people to meet face to face without huge expense. I'll be at the CCAS September Con in La Miranda and look forward to some face time with any attenders.

    Gerard says there's a Christian Comic group on Facebook; they might have some venues you would like, and more power to make social contact. Personally I've kept myself off of Facebook for several reasons including hanging on to what little free time that I've got.

  • That would an awesome idea too! I've seen several artists on Deviantart do that with great success! But what I was thinking of was some face to face interaction, and including other art forms like costuming, film, and of course, comics. is a great way to meet people, so I will most likely go that route. Actually, do you think there could be a way to mesh the two ideas together? Bring CCAS to the people, if you will?
  • Hey Natalie,

        I agree there is a dilemma: the loneliness, the lack of affirmation and guidance that plagues all artists, of which Christian comic arts is a very small subset of.  I’m always game for a bit more interaction in Christian comic arts; what did you have in mind?

    My idea : The CCAS site structure provides a stable and secure platform for artists to meet and discuss, and several of the “groups” within the main site could become more vital if participants knew that others would regularly visit that group sub site(web comics group or storytelling group) and respond to their contributions and comments.  If a small group of us committed to checking into the site every couple of days, we could get some informal collaboration going. Hmmm?


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