It was revealed today that the courts have supported Marvel's denial any sort of creator rights or compensation to Gary Friedrich (who created the character for Marvel back in 1972).

But in addition, the courts also ruled in Marvel/Disney's favor in their counter-suite to get back money earned by Friedrich over the years promoting his creation at conventions and selling pictures, prints and artwork of the character to the tune of $17,000! Read about the whole situation and rulings, at:
For those of you who know or have met Gary, this borders on the absurd, since he has very little to begin with and selling these items over the years at conventions that welcomed him as a guest, helped him financially stay afloat. It also once again demonstrates Marvel's corporate pettiness and traditional disregard for the creators who helped establish them as an industry leader and corporate Juggernaut.
As an indy creator this really gets me mad and I think the only way I (and other like-minded comic creators and comic lovers) can voice our displeasure and make it something tangible to both Marvel and to boycott the ironically premiering Ghost Rider 2 movie, which opens next Friday (here in the USA) at 12:01Am!
Our Mission statement:
"We will not help Marvel earn any further money on the Ghost Rider property by boycotting the new Ghost Rider Movie and by boycotting the purchase of ANY new Ghostrider comics...until Marvel/Disney, (at the very least), announces publicly that they will immediately renounce the judgement rendered in their favor, which stipulates that Gary Friedrich (The writer who created the character in 1972 for Marvel) must pay them $17,000 and additionally, that they immediately begin a dialog with Friedrich, ( that short of granting him ownership rights to the character or royalties from the properties), at least grants him a creators credit and ability to earn independently from the character."
I ask that you join me in this and DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE or BUY ANY GHOST RIDER COMICS ...and make sure to let your locate theaters and comic shops know why you are doing this! Think about some of the things that the power of FB has made come to pass over the past year...overthrowing entire governments for gosh sakes!! WE CAN DO THIS TO SUPPORT A BROTHER CREATOR in dire need!
And also, please share this with as many people as you can here on Facebook, on Twitter, on other networking sites, on your personal blogs and even by sending press releases to media of all sizes in your sphere's of influence! Let's take this thing viral my brother and sisters lovers of comics!
And FYI....for you friends in other countries....and I know you're out there, this applies to you also. Just time it (and market it) whenever the movies scheduled to open in your country!

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    Here is my take on the matter. 

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  • Make your voice heard on this issue and join the boycott.  Go to:

  • I recently read in an interview with Roy Thomas in Comic Book Artist magazine produced by Twomorrows Publishing that Mr. Friedrich came up with a motorcycle character called the Ghost Rider and intended to have him appear in an issue of Daredevil. Roy Thomas claims that he and an artist (I forget which one) came up with the idea of having the character have a flaming skull and supernatural abilities. At least this is what Roy Thomas claims. And technically the individual who created the first character that was called the Ghost Rider is Dick Ayers. He created the western Ghost Rider. However, since the character that Mr. Friedrich has made claims to is the 1970's Ghost Rider I'll focus on that one in this comment.

    So is Gary Friedrich the sole creator of the Ghost Rider or the co-creator of the Ghost Rider? If Roy Thomas' words are true then that would make Mr. Friedrich the co-creator, not the sole creator. And if Mr. Thomas did have a hand in creating this character is he not entitled to a share of royalties as well? Since I've never met either one of these men I cannot say whose words are fact and whose words are false.

    I will say this: MARVEL/DISNEY SUING THIS MAN FOR $17,000 IS RIDICULOUS!! The man,from what I've read, hasn't that much money. Do they truly expect him to be able to pay this amount? You can't get blood from a stone, but apparently Marvel's lawyers don't know that. 

  • I read somewhere else $72,000 but either way, 17k or 72k - Marvel, are you that hard up for cash?

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