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about God's incredible power, love and goodness.

He has so much in store for you.
This is no rubbish or religous blabla.

He is real!

I can say much more, but what you need to know
s the REALITY of God's power and love, that transforms lives.

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God is real, people!

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  • Hi Chris,

    yeah, that's waht I thought for a long time. I fan of the Narnia Chronicles... Read them four times ;-) But I always felt a bit awkward with the fact that it combnines the most perverse pagan idols (demonic powers) like Bacchus and Pan (idols of orgies, lust and alcohol) with Aslan, who is suppposed to symbolyze Jesus Christ.

    What I have found, is that Narnia does not reach many people for Jesus, but that it brings a river of the occult into the Church!

    Many people have turned their hearts toward other very demonic movies (like Harry Potter), after hearing that Narnia is Christian. This is very serious.

    What really struck me, is that the Chronicles of Narnia are BASIC LITERATURE for several whitch covens (schools for whitchcraft). They are found in most occult bookstores too. They say the basic principles of whitchcraft are shown in the books...

    Many people who used to be in the occult have confirmed this to me.

    That is aweful to me. That's why I had to change my idea about Narnia.

    By the way, it is a movie made by a very occult production company, Disney, who is famous for it's New Age and other demonic involvement. Their main theme is magic and sourcery...

    God hates the realm of darkness, especcially when it is hidden behind a mask that looks so nice and innocent, to deceive kids and families...

    Anyway, the articles I have written about it, speak for themselves. I believe the plain facts that I have explained there, do show us what is really happening behind the scenes of Narnia.

    C.S. Lewis believed in Jesus, but he also was obsessed by the Greek and Roman pagan idolatry. He discussed these things very often with friends. He also taught it at university.

    When someone, no matter if he is famous christian or not, is drinking from a poisoned well, then this will bear bad fruit in his or her life. That'swwhat I believe is happening with Narnia.

    C.S. Lewis may have been a true christian, in other ways, but he drank and ate from a table of darkness, a lot! And most christians don't know it, and enjoy the bad fruit from it.

    Let's stay pure from all the occult stuff, like the Lord told us: He wants a PURE BRIDE, not a woman who sleeps with the enemy at night, because it looks so beautiful!

    Jesus does not need demons to tell others the gospel. The apostels didn't need the idols eighter. They brought Jesus, in the power of His ressurrection. Amen!
  • If you designed that poster on the top, you rock!
    Not sure what to think about the website, though. I am a Christian, and I think Narnia is a good way to sneak the gospel message in ears that are normally plugged against the gospel.
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