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  • thank u so much for your encouragement!!! i will keep post it here and hopefully i could work together with other artist here! it was good to know that u from asia to im from philippines passionate in comics! keep it up sister!

  • Thank you ma'am. 

    The road God leads you down is definitely one of uncertainty and surprises.  But to loosely paraphrase Chuck Swindoll; it's the dull monotonous parts of the trip, those moments where you find your self asking with a huff in your voice "are we there yet" that you must cling to Him and trust Him all the more lest you be tempted or find yourself underwhelmed by your path.  (I'm kinda going through that right now hehe.)  But I know He is able and is faithful!  He will guide you too.  I've had the chance to work with many outstanding, incredibly humble artist only to find out they were Christians too.  Its nice to know you are not alone out there.  Be encouraged; you never know what He has in store for you just over the next hill or around the next bend! 



  • Lol. I should have told you how I found you on da. :)
    I just found CCAS yesterday, after doing a google search for Christian webcomic hosting sites.
  • Ooh, no, I haven't! But I will try it now for sure! :)

    By the way, Happy Birthday! :) 

  • Hey, Youmin! :) I uploaded more photos! Hope you like them. :)

  • Hello fellow artist,

    I am launching an online relationship cards business and need cartoonist, and/or illustrators. I put up a website recently but it is still under construction and I am not accepting orders at this time; however, if you are interested in considering becoming an artist or illustrator for my company, please go to my website. Your art must be at least up the good quality of my current artist but I need more than one artist. Thanks. Please let me know you opinion.

  • Thanks for the response Youmin. Your story alone inspired me to really get back into my drawings. I really don't think that God would give me a passion for cartoon for nothing at all. If I could I would ask to keep me in prayer, I recently Got let go from my job because of the company doing cuts. It's been a little tough for me but I really think that God is telling me to keep up with my drawings. Might sound weird LOL!! Anywho I'm in the process of looking for more jobs and trying my best to keep my faith. I don't have a scanner or a computer so I'll be coming here at the library from time to time checking on e-mails and looking for more jobs. Might take awhile before I can show my work on here, but as long as I don't give up, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. God is still good. ;)

  • Thanks for the warm welcome, Youmin. I also like Joe Mad's illustrations and have tried to mimic him in the past. I really enjoy your art, you have a clean style and vivid imagination.

  • thanks! I love your work its really cool!

  • Hi, Youmin! My art is getting a lot better, actually. :) Today, my little brother came in my room, saw one of my drawings, and screamed, "That looks awesome!" over and over as he ran around the house (I hope that's a good sign :) ). I'm sorry you can't find any manhwa comic books in SA; maybe you can find some manhwa webcomics. :)

    I haven’t been able to finish developing my characters, either. At least we can continue to work on them, though. By the way, I did check out the website. Information Design looks pretty cool. :) I don't know if that's my calling exactly, but it still sounds really neat. :)

    Oh, and I will put pics up eventually. I just want to make sure that I like them before I show the rest of the world. :) God bless, my sister!

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