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  • I'm looking for a short story to draw to submit to anthologies. I want something that's like Heavy Metal, Epic Magazine, and Judge Dredd science fiction, but it's written in a way I might share it with your grandma and not be embarrassed to share it at church. Not preachy but definitely Christian themes.

    A Christian hero in a blade runner world. Maybe like firefly or dune but with actual scriptures.
    Your story should already be scripted. I'm not paying, but we can negotiate whatever the publishers payout is might be once we have one.
  • Hello, everyone, I'm Jim. I write Christian fiction books. I'm toying with the idea of having some of my books made into GN's. If that happens, I'll need to get paired up with an awesome artist.
  • Hey everyone! My name is Michael Gatti I'm the author and creator of Earth's Best Friends.
    It's a family friendly all ages comic book about various superheroes that must eventually come together to save the world from evil.
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  • Hey, everybody! Belated Happy Thanksgiving, I need your help. I am writing a story for a fanfiction site. The story revolves around an FBI profiler and his female partner who have to deal with profiling Batman and dealing with the Scarecrow. The problem I'm having is that the female partner 'casually kisses' him, just light pecks on the lips, sort of like a wife might kiss her husband as he goes to work or when he first comes home, throughout the story, which is out of character for her, as she is more rational and restrained normally, and I can't come up with a plausible reason why. He reciprocates but questions why, Any suggestions? God Bless You.
  • Hey Troy, I just got finished with my new family friendly comic "Vigilante Vegetables". It's not Christian-themed, it's just family friendly. It's at, but feel free to contact me at if you're interested.
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  • Hi Troy,

    I have two Christian Fantasy themed print comic issues available now BUT starting in January they are going to be reprinted through my new publisher (my own imprint) with better art. If you would like to know more just email me at :)

  • Hello all, 

    I am hoping to find some Christian artists who have published comics I can purchase to sell in my bookstore. While I love the Biblical themed comics, I am focusing more on fantasy themed titles, by Christian artists. Any suggestions?

  • @Kerry Tarpley

    If you're interested in potentially working together, feel free to Email me at

  • I also have some scripts of a 5 part mini series I have been working on. It would be awesome to hook up with an artist. I live in Florida TAMPA BAY area but i am open to anyone who is willing to test the creative waters of a Christian comic book. 

  • I would. I have a couple of projects that I have the first issue scripted out and would like to find an illustrator for them. Send me an E-Mail and we'll talk details. God Bless You.

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The Family Man

Hi, everybody:I had an idea for a story that runs along the lines of Nicholas Cage's movie 'The Family Man', which had the hero of the movie have a chance to see his life as it might have been if he had made other choices. I wanted to get a Christian perspective on the idea. Any thoughts? Thanks and God Bless.     

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Alternate Batman origins

Hi, everybody:I have an idea for a character, The Raven, who is a crimefighter in the same vein as Batman, a grim ruthless hunter of the night, though he's only in his late teens. Im a little lost on how to make him that mean without using the same origin, which I obviously don't want to do. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks and God Bless.

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I need help with a name.

Hi, everybody!Could anybody help me develop a name for a character? I have a character in mind for my Arabian Nights/ humor themed comic book. The type of character is the bully who won't come out and fight, but will instead scheme against and lie about the hero, while instigating others to fight them physically, sort of like Cliff Carmichael in the first run in Firestorm. He's arrogant, condescending and a coward, but you can't hit him without making it look like he's telling the truth.In my…

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