Writing Challenges?

Hey guys, I post alot on and they have monthly writing contests on simple subjects, e.g. cave, shipwreck, hospital. I thought it might be fun to get our creative juices flowing or to keep them in said state of motion. We could throw up our comic scripts 4-7 pages long on a predetermined Christian subject. Not really anything to it other than keeping us fresh in the mindset of writing on Christian topics. Let me know what you think.Peace & BlessingsDan-0

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  • Hey guys we'll get rolling on this soon. I'm thinking the topic will be idleness. Proverbs 6:6-11. Wanted to throw this verse out there. Psalm 45:1
    Aiming for the 17th of July right now. Tell others on this forum
  • I'm in the middle of my summer vacation (I used to teach school) and classes at Seminary for me don't start until late August. So whatever is convenient for everyone else is fine by me. I'm itching to fill my free time with something constructive and worth while. And I also like the subject idea more so than the object, since that is generally how I think anyway. Let me know if there's anything more I can do.
  • I think a subject offers more freedom than object, but that's just me. I'm kind of new to writing prompts in general, truth be told. I'll check around - I've seen other writing sites, like Absolute and Writer's Digest - offer more generalized writing prompts. That might be a good place to at least get some idea of what captivates the craft. Otherwise, everything sounds good to me. A month works, since I'm probably not going to have time for this for at least two weeks - but I'm definitely on board for whatever you throw at us.
  • This sounds great guys. Lets be thinking of topics and directions we can go. Should it be object (cave i.e. Daniel, shipwreck i.e. Paul) or should it be subject i.e. forgiveness, salvation. Your input would be greatly appreciated. I think we should give it a trial run, both to let people get on board and so everyone can get a feel for it. I don't know the mechanics (Are there Polls?) but will post a new forum for each topic. A month sounds good, but if more time is needed we can do that. :D This is for our benefit, competitiveness at a minimum.
  • I like the idea. Right now I'm trying to recharge my creative juices after a lot of deadlines, so I'm not sure I can contribute much off-hand, but I'm definitely game for a Christian comic book writing prompt from time to time.
  • Hey I think this is a great idea!! It'll force us to think outside of our comfort zone. Sign me up!!
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