Hi, everybody:

I have a question for the forum: Some of you might remember that I was here a while back looking for help in naming various snack food items (thanks again). Now, we (I think) are fairly close to being ready to manufacture them. My question is: Would product placement in what we're doing be appropriate? What do you think?

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  • There is nothing inherently wrong with sponsorship. Look at any Christian magazine, website, or blog and you will see that they have advertisers. Of course, you should be mindful of the content of the ads and only choose advertisers who you don't mind supporting or who you think your readers might not mind.

    There is also nothing wrong with raising money to support the gospel ministries. From the early church onwards, believer have given money to support efforts to spread the word of Christ. You are doing the same.

    • Thanks. I had held the same opinion to a degree, having grown up on radio evangelists having local businesses sponsor them, but with the televangelist scandals of the 1980s and 1990s, I thought it might be a good thing to get other opinions. Thanks and God Bless You.

  • Can you clarify what you mean by "What we're doing?"

    • To begin with, I apologize for not choosing my words better as I was referring to what my friends and I are putting together. To go into greater detail, the members of this website are developing or publishing Gospel themed works, such as Spiritman, or are laboring to present our Faith to the world around us. As such, some might feel that seeking or allowing sponsorship from a company or corporation, such as Coca-Cola, for example, might be seen as a means of selling a product rather than promoting the gospel (In my defense, the person raising this objection doesn't have a high opinion of the comic book medium as a whole). In that regard, I thought I would put it to the members of this forum and see what you thought. Thanks again and God Bless You. 

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