• On further reflection, Mr. Lintz, the idea of my character being reluctant to follow God's leading would be good, but from a different standpoint. There is a comedic element in this title and my hero is the more serious character. What if God were to show him who his helpers would be and my hero questioned his wisdom? His partner is a surfer/ stoner type, a girl that is being called to help is a stereotypical dumb blonde beach bunny and the other girl (his love interest) is his pastor's daughter and is missing? My hero might question God's wisdom in the matter (Lord, you've got to be kidding!). Any thoughts? Thanks and God Bless you.

  • That's a good point. I hadn't considered Moses' relationship with God prior to his calling, though I do feel that Moses must have had a relationship with God prior to the Burning Bush experience, possibly through his father in law(?). Otherwise, God would have called somebody else for the work.

  • It's a good idea, but it doesn't follow the Moses story. Moses wasn't actively following God prior to the burning bush (well, maybe some, but not as fully as he did afterwards). Moses was a very reluctant hero and God had to do a lot to convince him.

    Make your character hesitant to fulfill God's requests and he will be more like Moses.

  • I had never considered Princess Leia's call for help like that, but it does fit very well. I have something else in mind for the future and I might use that. The truck fire is a good idea as well, and I may use it, but I had a thought that might work well: He is already a believer with the gifts of the spirit. He is being led by God in dealing with a threat (maybe somebody having kidnapped a child for occult purposes{?}) and has followed that person into the desert. He is caught by that person and left tied in the desert under a burning sun to die. While he is there, he has his vision. When the vision is over, he is free and tracks down the villain. He then returns home to begin his career. What do you think?

  • If he is a trucker, make it a truck fire. The guy panics and tried to put it out, but it burns while not destroying his engine :)

  • Maybe a talking animal? Ravens have been known to imitate a number of noises, including humans. God used ravens to bring food to Elijah in the desert.

  • Fun to thing about. Moses is a prepared messenger hiding out in the desert, God grabs his attention with a natural process taken to an un-natural degree. In modern times, Moses could a nomadic trucker, mechanic, forester.  Fire is such a dramatic and showy destructive process, it could be used in your modern fable but it would be hard to up-date. A plasma arc? Globe-lightening?

  • Well, in a way, I think that Princess Leia's holographic message to Obi Wan Kenobi is similar to the burning bush. Luke and Obi Wan were being called to a special mission just as Moses was being called by God to a special mission. That doesn't exactly answer the question, but it was what immediately jumped into my mind. 

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