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Hello all,


I'm posting this because I'm at a loss and not sure how to proceed with my current project. I have a good beginning, a good ending, and some good scraps of ideas with no solid ground.


Essentially, I'm wishing I had a group of fellow believers and comic enthusiasts to be a sounding board and assist with the idea process. I'm reminded of the comic industry in the way they will have meetings where they throw ideas around and play off of one another and decide the direction of their storylines from there. I'm also reminded of Lewis and Tolkien and how they belonged to a group very similar in method where they would share and critique ideas.


Since I lack any sounding boards where I live, that leaves the wonder of the internet. Any suggestions on how to proceed, particularly when I'd like to not plaster all my ideas all over the web?



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  • Or just start a group here and invite folks to comment.
  • I would hope that being that we are all holding ourselves to the standard of Christ, we won't steal each others ideas.  RMK, brothe/sisterr, I am an eager writer who has been published in various journals and newspapers and what not, and for fun I like to write sci fi, fantasy, western, romance, paranormal, you know, fun stuff.  I like to cross genre's.  For example, when Cowboys and Aliens the graphic novel came out which is now #3 on the New York Times bestsellers list, I was frustrated because I have a cross genre story that involves cowboys and aliens, and Christians.  The stories are not similar so I am good with that, but still.  I hope this will make it more possible to enter into the market.  I'm not into retelling bible stories, because the bible is sacred to me, and I would never do it justice.  I don't have any qualms about a comic book bible however because I know that there are those that would otherwise not seek out the bible.  I'm not into too much Christian lit, however, because many times it is too themed and sometimes campy.  I do like stories that have a broad range of characters, and one of them is a total inconveniencing Christian who will not go along with Plots that involve deceit, manipulation, sin, and violence.  That's the best and that is what most of my stories and ideas are. 


    I would very much like to hear what your ideas are and bounce some ideas around with you as well.  I'm totally into it.  Feel free to email me at  My name is Paul Allan Frederick, and I usually go by P.Allan, or P-Fred.


    I think trust is crucial, and if this forum stuff on this particular site is going to work, we need to go ahead and set the example of trust.


    BTW, I am retired from the publishing industry because of medical stuff, but still have the ablity to type and create.

    I hope to hear from you.

  • you can either PM a few of us here or try meeting other like minded people. Try your church and if that doesn't work there are critique groups you can find locally. I don't know of any christian ones, but I use and found a group that's close but not christian.

    Keep in mind, whenever you share with anyone, online or off, christian or not, you're risking someone stealing your idea. But, they can't steal your words and how you share the idea THAT is what makes you unique. "Nothing new under the sun" and all that.

  • rmk

    i'd be happy to look at what you have and offer feedback. I have done quite a bit of writing and editing at a professional level. Contact me at Hopefully I won't be flooded with requests from other writers, because I may not be able to handle the workload, but i would be willing to look at what you have since you asked for help on this forum.

  • Hi,


    I would suggest either setting up a private Yahoo group or just finding some people who you can do a Skype multi-person call with. I'm writing novels and short stories right now, but would love to help if I can - a story is a story and they all have some of the same basic needs.


    Let me know if you get something set up, or if you just want to talk one on one.




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