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  • I'll be there!
  • Thanks Ruth! I did hear about that one. I thought the one Peter was referring to was coming up this weekend or something. I should be able to attend that one for some portion that Sunday.
  • April 1-3, 2011, San Francisco, CA Moscone Center.

    I usually have a church meeting the 1st Sunday of the month. If we are meeting, I need to rearrange w/ them since it's rarer for us to meet than w/  my church people. Let me know! ;)

  • It's this Sunday? Where? I didn't know about it (or maybe heard about it and forgot).
  • Anybody going to Wondercon this year on Sunday? If so let's meet up.
  • Hello Peter,


    Thanks for joining! I'll probably be hitting you up, and I'm going to check out Retribution...

  • Hello Group.


    I run Salinas Slugger Studios, and publish all ages material. Truth be told all I have done in the past is Christian Comics and probably will be the only thing I will ever be interested in creating. I started in Feb. 2009 when I debuted David and Goliath at Wondercon. Since then I have published Noah, Moses and Priscilla 1-3.

    I feel that I have learned a lot in the last two years and my producing and writing skills are slowly improving. I have these three projects going on as we speak. Retribution- A western with Christianity. Buster Bennington-A kid who thinks he's Indiana Jones. and the Crown Jr Paperback- A collection of all the Crown Jr. books in one.


    If anyone in the area ever needs any help please don't be afraid to contact me. You can view my work at and at

  • Hello Ruth,


    Below is a link to my goals for the first couple of months of 2011:



    In terms of the year, many of the goals will just be an extension of the goals in the link above. Basically, I want to use this year as an opportunity to practice my writing/story-telling, get the word out and network more, and to produce as many of my characters' mini-intro stories as possible (4 page short stories introducing each of the Lightweightz).


    What about you? Any goals for this year specifically? I know you said that you have a thing with starting projects and not following through, so setting some concrete goals for 2011 could be a start in the right direction, lol!

  • That's a terrific idea! Justin, I always have these story bits going on in my mind. I know it's about putting them down on paper.... You mentioned you have major goals for Lightweightz this year. Mind if I ask what would that be? Thank you.
  • Hey Ruth,


    Yeah, the names were very intentional...So since we're birth working on projects, it may be best if we plan to collaborate later down the road, once we've got some "meat" on your projects.


    With that said, I think we could brainstorm some ideas about potential projects we could collaborate on, and the scope of that project (e.g., something big, something small, etc...). Most of my energy for this year will be put into Lightweightz, but I'm more than willing to brainstorm for the future. Just let me know...

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