I wanna die

These kids don't act saved at all in fact they try toout do the behaviors of their unbelieving friendsand they say they're the moral leaders for thenext generation which will ruin if not erase thefamily films market that I want to pioneer in thatvery generations meaning God gave me acreative/fragile mind for no reason whatsoeverunless he is a sadist as many claim.

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  • I'm either too immature (which can't be fixed) or disabled to handle violent/offensive/sexual scenes in real life much less in fantasy because they're starting to dominate my every thoughts uncontrollably so I was going to escape somewhere where there is no trace of God or his creation where I could be emotially and physically untouchable and not be exposed by any form of expression or story whatsoever....
  • I meant you, but I hit the wrong "reply to" link...
  • Thanks Howard...but I meant fragile spirit in that when I'm exposed to such content my imagination uncrontrollabily takes hold of it and at times can outdo whatever the origional concept was....
    • that's what my families been advising me to do all this are a wise wise man to heed to it...
  • I have to agree with you on that subject, UnchartedSprirt. I looked through some of those discussions and I was quite taken aback.
    Rest assured Spirit that they are only clanging bells to God's ears. If it is something that God laid on your heart, then GO FOR IT and let no one squash your dreams or you calling. I needed an aspirin just to get through some of their foolishness.
    And God did not create a fragile mind in you, my friend, in fact the opposite. God doesn't hire wimps. God personally instilled in you the power of a holy creativity. You are in no compitition with anybody. You will stand alone and you will be victorious. You have only an audience of one to please and that's Christ. Stay focused and in His will and you will succeed. I promise you that. When these misled kids as you call them, act like Pharisees of old, they are in for a rude awakening. I just wanted to share that with you. I hope it was what you were asking about. Love your stuff, keep it up and don't worry about the blind leading the blind. We will attempt to reach them one lost sheep at time with our ministry and God does the rest. HK
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