Don't Despair

Hello Overcomers of CCAS,I just read Psalm 51.Sin is a serious matter and can leave scars for life, even though it is forgiven. Yet to the one who has fallen we can offer encouragement. I have counseled with former ministers of the gospel who were in despair because they had brought reproach on the name of Christ. They knew their transgression had made it impossible for them to serve as they had before. I assured them, however, that they could still live useful, Christ-honoring lives. Their sad experience could enable them to be effective in helping others who might fall into the same snare. Apparently David had this in mind when he wrote Psalm 51. After confessing his sins of adultery and murder, he pleaded with God to restore him the joy of His salvation. He promised, "Then I will teach transgressors Thy ways, and sinners shall be converted unto Thee." This great king could speak from experience as he sought to lead others in the way of righteousness.In a well-known poem, the writer points out that a bird who had fractured its wing "never soared so high again." Then he adds, "But the birdwith the broken pinion/ Kept another from the snare,/ And the life that sin had stricken/ Raised another from despair."Yes, sin in the life of God's children can leave ugly scars and lasting regrets. It may even permanently handicap them for certain types of service. Yet when any transgression is confessed and foresaken, the Lord not only completely forgives but He usually opens new and profitable doors of opportunity. So NO ONE NEED DESPAIR!Love you guys and gals.........This has been an Overcomer's moment...............HK

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