Hey Everybody,


It looks like I'll be in San Francisco to visit my family for Easter- which also means that I'll be there for Wonder Con, although I won't be exhibiting- i'll check it out for a day (or a couple partial days).  I should also have advance editions of my new Heaven Forbid book available (and will have then a week ealier at Comicpalooza in Houston).


Anyway, is anybody going out to Wonder Con?  I'd love to have lunch or whatever?  Anyone exhibiting?  i'd love to throw some of my books your way!


Let me know!



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  • Seriously- although i was only able to be at wondercon for a day (kind of funny- i went out as a dual deal, mainly to visit my family for easter and take advantage of a day at wonder con)- and i was only at the ccas table for going on 2 hours, it was amazing! Thanks so much to Ralph for letting me join him and to Peter Gonzalez for hanging out, too!

    the people were really cool, i got to draw tons of sketches and meet tons of people and i was impressed by the con over all. i got to see some other friends, which was neat, too!

    i would describe Wonder Con as a straight forward Comic Book Convention. if you've been to san diego- there is little emphasis on actual comic books as opposed to tv stations and movies. well, there is comic emphasis in san diego, but definitely it is only a component of the con.

    Alternative Press Expo is more of self published, self manufactured, and small press indie creators (a few publishers represented- Viz, Slave Labor, a few more)

    Wonder Con seems to be focused on comics as a whole. You have some of the APE crowd and a bit of the San Diego crowd- but not the big overarching stuff. Even groups that have large large set ups in san diego who were there, such as Dark Horse, Viz, and DC had smaller booths and tables. No marvel representation and not every smaller publisher, but Oni and some others were there who weren't at APE. (in fact it was the only time i've gotten to talk to oni's publisher who i've not gotten a chance to talk to in san diego in the past). so there are smaller crowds for what you're looking for at wonder con than san diego.

    The only hang up is that since there are like 30,000 people instead of like 140,000 people (if i have the numbers correct) there aren't as many other creators and publishers to get to know. For attenders, tho- it was top notch. a nice contrast to cons which seem to mainly be creators and less attenders.

    the exhibitors were pretty cool, too.

    kind of funny tho, was a random amount of not currently prominent actors who had booths, some people were cool to see, but it was a bit of a stretch- the "soup nazi" guy from seinfeld or whatnot. i hope that he made some money- but i don't know how many people want to buy an autographed soup spoon.

    but yeah, wondercon was pretty much awesome, wish i could have been there longer, but i'm glad i was with my family for saturday and sunday...
  • that it's past somebody give us a rundown on the con and how it went at the CCAS table. I'd like to add this event to my schedule next year...God willing.
  • I actually did not know Christian Comic Art Society existed until I saw its booth at WonderCon yesterday, very glad I did :-)
  • CCAS is having a table in the smallp ress area at Wonder Con.
    Ralph Miley will be at the table most of the time. Check it out
  • I'm coming, but I don't know yet what I'll bring...
  • it's funny- the other Wonder Con thread was started and I forgot about this one!

    Peter- assuredly- i think i'll be there friday too- so we'll plan something!
    Bryan- I'll definitely be by your table! you can check out my webcomic site which is pretty much a preview in itself!

    looking forward to seeing you guys!


    Bryan Mero said:
    Hey Dan,
    Come visit the REELFANS.COM/Spirit Knight table in the Small Press section...I'd love to see your you have a preview?
  • Hey Dan,
    Come visit the REELFANS.COM/Spirit Knight table in the Small Press section...I'd love to see your you have a preview?
  • Hey guys I'll be there with copies of the comic the lord has put on my heart. A intro to Messiah's Chosen. Come take a peek of it on my blog on this site. Hope to meet you guys at the con and fellowship with my brothers in Christ.
  • The CCAS will be having a table there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Hey I'll be there friday............lets hook up
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