What are the CCAS "decency limits?"

Michael recently asked this question with reference to depicting blood in his art but the issue applies several other areas where art approaches a moral boundary of sorts.

1) Code of conduct on the main page leaves this up to the artist discretion: "Please note that this site is for the members and associates of the Christian Comic Arts Society, and thus basic Christian principles are expected in our interaction here. This includes consideration for the feelings and conscience of other members. Likewise, obscene/profane language, pornographic content, and libel are strictly prohibited."

2) Scripture gives general direction but leaves the details  up to the speaker/artist(Eph5:4, 1Cor8:13). Our driving motive is to glorify Christ and maintain harmony in the CCAS group (2Cor13:11).

3) I am posting this as a Discussion for other members to weigh-in on how you make the 'Artistic boundary' decision. What do you think?

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  • Whew! Asking the big questions :)

    1) Makes perfect sense. Lets treat each other well and show love, in our communications, in our critiques, in everything.

    2) This is where Christian art gets super tricky. I think about R. Crumb's Genesis, where he created a comic with literal depictions of everything in Genesis, including all of the sex and violence. The book has a warning on the front that recommends adult supervision if the book will be read by minors. But since it is Genesis, would we consider putting a warning label on the Bible? Maybe so, because there are tons of things in there that are shocking and would clearly violate even the behavior you mentioned in 1).

    Of course, context is key. Why are we showing these things? Why are we telling these stories? If it is to help us grow closer to God, it still becomes a difficult thing.

    I never mind an honest discussion and honest depictions of things. Let's just recognize that each of us is coming to Christ (and to this site) at different levels of spiritual maturity. 

    3) Since my art is writing, I just need to be sure that I have solid, justifiable reasons for why I would create a story. If my goal is to share and idea or start a conversation, even an uncomfortable one, then I will proceed. If my goal is just to shock or embarrass, I need to reevaluate myself.

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