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I spent a good hour this week, talking to the promoter of the convention in it's second year, the Memphis Comic Con.


Joe Thordarson is his name, and we spent a lot of time talking about his wonderful promotional plans for this con, that many would consider kind of lower tier, but in an area that could be a hidden gold mine because (in his words) "Memphis isn't like Chicago, Dallas, NY or LA...that there are 40 different events to choose from each weekend to visit or be a part of.  An event like a comic-con, if promoted properly, can draw huge crowds even from outside the realm of comic fans." 


This year, it's a three day event (Oct. 14th-16th)...up from the two-dayer he did in the inagural year.  He's also moved it from the much oversized space of the Memphis Convention center, to a more manageable space at Memphis University, where there is a student body of 21,000!


But you ask why am I bring this up at this forum?  It's because after discussing the con, he shared how much he admired what I was doing through Eye Witness and (A.) whether I'd have an interest in letting him promote the Christian nature of my series in his marketing to the local media and (B.) whether I'd be interested in helping out by being on any panels.   My answer to both questions was yes, but I shared with him how I've been a part of very successful "Christian or Spiritual themes in comics" panels at other events and how that might be something to program.  The only problem is, that at this juncture I'm the first Christian or spiritual creator he has on board.


So this is an open invitation for any of you creators and/or publishers out there living in the South or Southeast, or who just would like an alternative to the NYCC, which falls on that same weekend (and was waaaaayyyy to expensive of a project for me personally to take on again this year) and an opportunity to help me put together a panel on Christian or Spiritual themes in comics at this event. 


For those of you who've been a part of such panels in the past, you understand that it almost always results in traffic at your table once the panel is finished...and if nothing else, people just want to continue the discussions.  Hopefully, they also want to sample your wares!


So check out the website: ...

the artist alley tables are only $100.


And if you have any questions contact Joe at:



----and let him know I referred you his way.


And finally, if you're on board make sure to shoot me a message or email with me so I can start to piece this whole concept together.  Let's see if we can start something that can grow each year as this event develops!



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  • I originally posted this about last year's event, but this years show, promises to be even bigger and better and I'll once again be in 'da house. So make sure to stop by and say hello if you attend!

  • Sounds awesome, honestly. I may have to go. I'm in Georgia so it's not too far.

  • Absolutely Buzz.  It's open to any artists/creators/publishers etc....   I'm just see what I can do to help generate some additional interest.


    See ya this weekend.  I'm at I think I'll be pretty close to the CCAS booth at CCI.



  • Let me know if you can make it!  The more, the merrier!
  • I'd be interested in this show, but i think that i might have a local show that weekend.

    I'll keep it in mind if the local deal doesn't work out...


    Good idea!

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