Twelve Gates

Hey all~ I just wanted to drop in and let you know about Twelve Gates!

This is our vision and our mission:


Twelve Gates manga exist to not only encourage Christians but to also present a good message to those who are far from God.

We will use the overlooked culture of manga to do these two things. We will use manga to send people a message. The only difference is that it will be radically different than what they are used to.

Because very few non-Christians will ever pick up the latest manga volume of David and Goliath, our manga will not necessarily be based on Bible stories in order to reach more people with a positive message.

Most will be a thoroughly unique story but with positive messages within it (Think: Chronicles of Narnia). Our purpose is to point people to God and make them ask questions, make them curious, and make them think.

Twelve Gates will unite and support artists during the manga creation process and then distribute that manga when it is completed.

Unite. Create. Deliver.

Unite artists.
Create manga.
Deliver the message.

Twelve Gates.



We're always looking for more friends and more artists! You can find us in the following places:

Official Website (geared toward all audiences):

deviantART (geared toward Christian artists):

People who create manga are invited to get involved with us~ Everyone else, if you enjoy manga, please read the manga and support the artists~ And it would be very much appreciated if you could pray that we are able to deliver truth to many different people at varying places in their walk with God.

Thanks so much!!

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