I’m taking a video game design course on Coursera and am thinking about using my current project as the premise for the video game document (I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called) I have to create for the class. I have several good ideas. If I were to make it into a game rather than the comic, it would be a combination between puzzle solving games  and “find the objects in the picture” type games. I was thinking some kind of fusion between the Ace Attorney games, The X-Files iOS game, and the Nancy Drew PC games). These segments would either be from Brianna’s point of view or Hazel’s point of view with some segments of them using their powers on the case. I’m not sure what I the gameplay would be for the courtroom segments (other than they would be from Dalton’s point of view). Do you know if there are any mystery video games that deal with the courtroom/trial side of mystery stories besides the Ace Attorney games (which I absolutely love) and Danganronpa (which I have very little interest in playing)? Mostly I’m at a loss as to what to do for my story and I wish I knew what to do. Does anyone have any idea as to some good books about faith and creativity I could read? I’m just feeling artistically, emotionally, and spiritually “dead” right now. I’m really struggling with finding a church home (I’m very dissatisfied with the church my parents go to) and I’m struggling to get along with my parents (especially my mom). Sometimes I wonder if getting out of the house would make it better, but then I realize it probably wouldn’t. I’m also really struggling with where to take my current project. I’m hoping creating a video game document for the series might help. I’ve also thought about changing the setting from the real world to a fictional planet, but that would be a huge change from the vision I have for my project (if I even have one anymore). Do you think I should abandon this project if I can’t get any ideas from this class?

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  • Hey K.G, my prayers go out to you and your family. Life can be pretty hard to face sometimes, even with the hope of not facing it alone. Especially when you rely on creativity to escape from it some days and that very creativity becomes worn out.

    As a personal opinion for your project: you're doing exactly what you should be doing and this is fretting over something you are very passionate for. :3 Enduring with prayers to God and resting on it can help the creativity from being drained until you are absolutely depressed. I think it's a great idea to transform your story into a video game (I really admire your aim). Unfortunately I cannot give you much help on PC games to help influence you, but I think it's a really smart idea. 

    Speaking from experience, I would not give up on your project, but I also would focus your full passionate attention on prayer and study. Jesus told us not to be anxious about anything and trust in His love for us. Your warfare is just a season; it will pass if you endure and trust in Him. 

    As for research books, I can recommend little more than apologists like Lee Strobel, and Richard Wurmbrand (love). J. Warner Wallace may give you some help on Law investigation as well. And it's completely your ball field, but I would stray from going into an alternate world. You might can play with a new story and leave this one to breathe for a little, however in my experience when I want to "ditch it all and go fantastic" is when I am feeling frustrated by looking at the same material over and over again. Brianna is a fantastic character in a fantastic world no matter what you decide. Don't worry about the "reality" readers/players may critique you on.<)

    Hope it helps!

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