The life of a non-believer

So a friend (states away) is at a very low point right now. I can do nothing physically to prevent her from doing things she shouldn't, but i am praying. it would be amazing if y'all could pray with me. 
I've felt a responsibility for her that has never been completely fulfilled. It's been a maelstrom if there ever was one. And I've been afraid to talk to her often because it just brought me down. And I never felt like I really encouraged her in a christian way. I don't know if she'll even get the message I'm about to send her. 
Pray she doesn't take her life, and that her heart would be guided gently towards God.

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  • siser Mia you are in our prayers. I hope (not in the worldly definition but in the true Godly definition) that The Holy Spirit intervene in your life as well as your friend. I trust our Spiritual Dad will work things out. This is your crossroads for this season, we Worship not not for the calamity but that God saw you fit enough to take on this task. You have the authority and power through prayer to make a difference while your friend has ultimate responsibilities for her own actions. This is part of your spiritual growth as well as part of your friend's deliverance. Our DAD is a great Chess player, he puts all the pieces in motion for a good "game"

  • I will definitely be praying for your friend.  The Lord will answer your prayers on the behalf of your friend.  And Frank made an outstanding suggestion about prayer for yourself.  You will need the power of the Holy Spirit to answer those tough questions.  Fasting is also an outstanding way to break through the darkness that surrounds your friend. We're on it and God bless. Keep us posted.

  • "And I've been afraid to talk to her often because it just brought me down." Mia, my suggestion to u @ this point is that u get into some serious prayer not only for her but for yourself. U state that u fear that talking to her brings u down. Ur friend is in a serious state at this time and displaying fear & any sign of depression or negative demeanor would not be too helpful to her or u. Depression is not only rooted in the actual psychological state but is also very much rooted in the fractured spirit of man. We cannot combat this solely by 'trying to cheer a person up.' I urge u to pray (as I will & 'm sure others here), find verses in the Bible dealing w/the mind & heart, seek counseling (if this person doesn't, suggest it) and even fast before u attempt to speak to someone in this state. Faith is the key here and u must be grounded in & display this 'FEARLESSLY.' Just a little word of caution from someone who's been there. My prayers are joined to yours believing that Christ 'will' break through this persons stronghold. Blessings...

  • Will do Mia.

  • Hello Mia, I know what you are feeling right now, because I too have actually tried to take my own life... three times over...once each time over the past 7 years, and each time... my entire body shook, quaked, and I got back up on my feet and put the steak carving knife back in the block in my kitchen, and the Holy Spirit intervened and I have never been the same, and I have been victorious over death, and Satan. So, my friend... the only one who I felt responsible for my own actions was satan trying to attack me, and Jesus saving my life. So my friend, I leave this lesson with you for your friend... that Jesus not only saves, but he protects, and he intervenes in times in your life that you feel that is either inappropriate or appropriate. and He puts people in their own lives to either test them, hinder them, or uplift them. So, anyways...look, the Lord is always here no matter what is going on. Peace out for now. Please friend request me when you get the chance. 

  • Praying for both of you. The Lord encourage your heart, and give you courage, insight and patience.

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