I’m working on where to draw the line between the scientific side and spiritual side of the explanation for my characters’ powers. The story takes place on the “real” world but in a fictional country. I know superhuman abilities are hereditary, though it is possible for a child with two “normal” parents to have powers. Abilities are almost always passed down if at least one parent has a superhuman ability and the child would inherit the same ability their parent has (i.e. if one or both of the parents are mind readers, the child will be a mind reader). I haven’t figured out what will happen if the parents have two different powers (any suggestions are great. Somehow, characters’ abilities will be caused by quantum physics and the manipulation of light. How do I fit Christianity into this? Not every Irregular is a Christian. I’m not going for a “gifted with superpowers after accepting Christ ” story (since that’s been done to death and that type of story never appealed to me). I’m going for a “scientifically-caused superpowers as disabilities” story with Christian characters in the lead roles. Also, any ideas about how not to make the story too preachy?

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  • Maybe you do it like genetic inheritance. E.G. dominant and recessive traits. But instead of eye colors or tongue rolling, you do certain types of powers. 

         And Christian characters can look to God for orchestrating the events that gave them their powers, even if they did not necessarily receive them upon salvation.

    Hope this helps :)

    • Thanks! I had thought about Brianna seeing a Christian Counselor who tells her “when miracles happen, they’re almost never expected.”

  •  Writing is work, but you have to enjoy your story as it develops.  Generally, your story is too preachy when you stop enjoying writing / reading it.

     People enjoy different types of fiction, so make sure to find a proof-reader or sounding board who shares your taste in fiction. Its sad to have a good story shot down by someone who doesn't share your tastes in fiction.

    Happy writing KG! You have a wonderful sharing spirit, and its been a lot of fun reading and responding to your posts. Can't wait to see your 1st draft when you finish it.

    • Thanks! I’m the only Christian I know in real life who likes the anime and manga and likes drawing and writing.

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