'Superman Birthright' Recommendation.



I'm a big fan of the library.  The past year I've most likely read well over 100 graphic novels.  Obviously they don't have the newest material, but this was the easiest (and cheapest) way for me to get back into comics.  To be honest the graphic novels format is my favorite.


I'm a big Superman & Batman fan.  So I tend to lean toward DC Comics.  But I don't get into that 'DC vs. Marvel' silliness.  Similar to the 'Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3' argument.  I tell my fellow gamers, 'I'm a video game fan, I don't care what platform it's on, if it's good I want to play it.'  Same with comics.  If it's good I want to read it, regardless of who made it.


I've read some really fantastic marvel graphic novels lately too, some which I also want to recommend.  But if I was strictly a one sided reader I would miss out on having the best of both worlds.


Back to 'Superman Birthright'.  If you're a Superman fan, and haven't read this, either go buy it or get yourself to the library.


Rabbit Trail Side Note -Not sure if this is for all places, but where I live all the libraries in the county are connected.  So I'm not limited to just my 2 local libraries selection.  I can also reserve titles and have them transferred to my local library.  


Superman Birthright is fantastic.  I've read it 2 and half times, and I hardly ever reread books.  But this one is actually better the second time.  The art work was up & down for me, but it's really good overall and there are several shots that I just love.  The story great and had such depth (which I think is found rereading).


If you've read it let me know what you think.  I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't read it here, but we can have spoilers in the comment section.


I'm always looking for recommendations on what to read, so if you have any graphic novel recommendations please share.  I'm going to post a few others that are also fantastic.  

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  • Hey Melchizedek,


    Yea I think it was written by the creator of Smallville.  Yea I liked the New Krypton series too, I really liked that they drew Superman like Christopher Reeves.


    I'm probably going to go to the library tomorrow.  Hope I can find some good new books.  I'll also make note of any that I've read that I want to also recommend.  I'll look for the Green Lantern you mentioned.  I like Geoff Johns, but some of his stuff I've found very disappointing.


  • I also got this from my local library. I lkied the art and theending. Reminded me of Smallville. I guess that was what they were maybe aiming for.


    The New krypton series are good also. But i really like the GEoof Johns written Superman books drwn by Gary Franks. Gay FRanks drwsSuperman to resemble CHristopher Reeve.

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