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Hello all,

Upon returning after a long absence, I couldn't help but feel this site could use some streamlining. What is the primary goal of this site? Forums? Social networking? Art galleries?

Since the emphasis of this site is comics and stories, I feel like a gallery feature should be front and center; the first thing you see on a user's page. There should also be a gallery on the main page featuring the most recent uploads.

On my user page alone there are at least 12 sections/widgets. That's just way too much! My eyes get text blur and the layout is a mess. Is there any option to redesign it? I'm really not feeling the Facebook structure because it just isn't conducive to the visual arts and storytelling.

This site could use less text clutter and more simplified features like other art sites (doodle addicts, kofi) while encouraging fellowship and correspondence (Deviant Art) by way of comment sections and PM. A favorites section would also be a great way to refer our favorite creators.

The banner of the site is also way too big and eats up most of the screen when you first arrive.

I hope I don't sound picky but it's good to stay on top of innovating like competing sites and make things easier and practical for the users. I would be happy to draw and post some layout suggestions.

What do you think?

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  • Interesting topic I like the recent changes and its encouraging to see some more going on here. There really is some great Christian artists on here. We seem to forget about the site over the years cause theres not heaps of interaction been happening. Id love to see a few collaborations going on. So perhaps for me the site shouldnt just be about galleries but also the chat forums.
    • I've noticed there seems to be a heap of different areas to the chat topics. Ive just come back to the site after ages and would love to interact and encourage each other with our work. My initial feeling is theres heaps of different headings or areas and its a little overwhelming. Its great the site is now more friendly to mobile format :) looks great
      • This is definitely a huge improvement. But yes, I agree, what we needed was more facilitation of smoother interaction. That's what I love about DeviantArt. I've been on there since 2004.
        Really proud of how CCAS is coming along though! Great job, fam.
  • I agree with your comments. Unfortunately, there are limitations to how much editing can be done on the site, due to the program that was used to originally set it up. 

    Feel free to contact Ralph Miley if you think you can help streamline it. If you have coding experience that would be especially helpful.

    • Already made all the contacts. Admins like the idea.

      This is just my personal temp suggestion for user pages. I'm sure other users will have good things to add.

  • My very BASIC mockup:


    • Thanks for the time you put in on this Tazia.     Your design would definitely put the spotlight on artwork.  I'm looking at Tom's comment and thinking to myself:

      1) Shrinking our current top banner should be a quick fix, yeah?

      2) Our current gallery only shows featured artwork and rarely changes..  Shifting it to continual update with the newest posts would make it more interesting.   Moving it to the

      top of the page would make us look more like an art site.

      • Yessir!

        I had mentioned a couple art sites in the initial post with great templates to look at.

  • Q: What is the primary goal of this site? Forums? Social networking? Art galleries?

    CCAS website is a user-run site without a current leader or visionary. Ralph Miley, one of the originators, still occasionally checks in. Eric Jenson maintains security and promptly responds to emails sent by going to the bottom of the page: “Report an issue.” He is the one to give you/us the most meaningful information on the structure of the site. Tom Montgomery has something to do with site design as well. The site went through its last restructuring about August of 2017.

    I like the rest of your suggestions: fewer widgets and a larger gallery.

    • Ah, I see. I just messaged all three and linked them to this discussion to get their thoughts.

      Thank you, Brien :-)

      If there is way way I can help, I am excited to do so. Looking forward to more thoughts.

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