Seeking opinions on plot choice

Hi all, this is a hobby, so might never get done, but I am putting together a series of short comic episodes to be published online.

To make it more interesting, there is a secondary plot line with a bit of mystery with the plan to reveal a back story little by little during the series. I am tossing up between

  1. making it obvious to the reader who the mysterious character is from the start and slowly revealing their personality etc across episodes (so the reader is trying to guess their full story), or
  2. doing a bait and switch by making someone appear mysterious, then revealing half way that they are just actually normal and the real mysterious person is someone else.

I was just wondering if anyone had tried one vs the other over a series - does one approach work better than the other in practice? Or are they just different?

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  • After sleeping on it, in case interesting to others, I am going to proceed with the first option. Otherwise I would have to have the other person's personality be logical if they are mysterious or not - it has to be consistent either way. I think it is doable if you are good, but more work and skill than I have at present. It is easier to bring out personalities consistent with the character and what is being revealed about them without a bait and switch. I worry that the second person could come across like they had a personality change. (I think that could make an interesting plot twist if done skillfully, but too hard for me as a beginner.)
    • I read your ideas, and I also think the first option is better!
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