SDCC 2019 Sunday

I have a question in regards to the SDCC Sunday program this year.  I had previously attended from 2003-2005.  Then I took a long break before attending again last year.  Back in 2005 myself along with my friend volunteered to lead worship on Sunday morning.  Just wondering if that could be a possibility for Sunday morning at this year's convention as I do plan on coming to the convention, and I could bring along my guitar and offer to lead songs of praise and worship.

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  • Yeah, if there's any links to photos or video of CCAS at SDCC, please let us know. I dig that stuff. :)

  • I wish I lived close enough to go to SDCC. Those of you that can go, have fun! Bring back some cool stories!
  • Yeah, I just wanted to know if they wanted to know if they'd like to have a time of praise and worship?  I mean if they already have someone that's cool.  If they don't already and would like to have me do it I'd just like to know so I know to bring my guitar along.  A guitar takes up quite a bit of space in the car that could be used to transport cool con swag. ;)

    • Thank you so much for your kind offer. We  This year the CCAS will not be having a time of worship at any of the panels.

      • Thanks for letting me know.  See you all at the con!

  • To my knowledge there will be a worship service at SDCC.  It will be held offsite Sunday morning prior to the opening of the convention. The CCAS will have a table at Comic Con in Small Press at P-08. They should have more details about the worship service.

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