Prayer for Inspiration

Hello CCAS.

Update on the Mia. I’ve been working nearly full time in the small town 3 hours away from my school. There have been ups and downs. But God is always the answer.

I have a request for prayer.

Yes, prayer for the whole separation thing for Aaron and I. And for building us up to prepare for a life together and a better relationship with God and all. But also, prayer for our creativity. Both of us can barely draw. I’m nearly done with an online course, which takes up most of my thoughts and concerns other than school and other things.

I really want to get my comics off the ground. I have stories that need writing, and drawing. But every time i take a pen or pencil or stylus in hand, it feels very dead. I want to make my stories for God. I want to be imaginative and inspired again. I’ve been stripped of everything these past months. I realize that it’s being replaced with better versions. I’ve seen a softer and gentler and stronger love than I’ve ever seen with my boyfriend. I’ve seen hope for my Father. I’ve seen change in myself. But my art… is still dragging behind.

I’d like to write out a script before drawing out the comic. But i have started and restarted the comic script so many times… So if you guys could pray for God’s hand in my art and Aaron’s. That we be inspired and have the energy to make art for Him, and to spread his Gospel.

Thanks guys. I pray that my brothers and sisters overcome the trials that push on you all. 

God is good. He has been very very good to me and I hope you can see the same in your lives.

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  • Thank you for sharing, Mia; your Holy Spirit muse won't stay away for long.  I pray for you what you're praying for us; find strength and joy in sharing and helping, its all going to come back to you.

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